WHAT: Dream Superyacht
WHO: Alexander WongArchitect and Interior Designer:Born in Hong Kong and trainedat Princeton University, Alexander Wong - one of Hong Kong's top architects and interior designers - specialises in avant-garde designs. Opening his own firm in 2001, Wong has since garnered multiple awards and was named byArchitectural Digest as one of the top 100 architecture and design talents in China this year. His portfolio covers projects from futuristic cinemas to luxury private residences, includingUA iSquarecinema.


NAMING HIS first superyacht design the Superstark, Alexander Wong sees it fit enough for tastemakers such as Tony Stark and Philippe Starck.

"I envisioned it to be absolutely glamorous, sexy and totally over the top," Wong says. "The owner is beyond celebrity - he would be someone having all the A-list stars on board the yacht as guests."

The aesthetically and technically impressive superyacht has a hull made of steel and titanium alloy. The latter is often used in spacecrafts for its high performance and durability under extreme temperatures.

At an amazing 120 metres long, the superyacht will boast a gross tonnage of 7,750 tonnes. " You wouldn't feel that you're on board a yacht but on a floating castle," Wong adds.

The superyacht is estimated to accommodate about 20 guests. Its aerodynamic exterior features a retractable helipad at the front. Guest suites are on the left and right wings, and there is a wine gallery and a pink Champagne studio on the lower level.

"To add to the luxurious touch, the interior will be gold-plated and will feature an extensive use of lacquered wood," Wong says. The owner's living area and master suite are located upstairs. There is also a private infinity pool, and an open-air spa facility that will allow you to enjoy aromatherapy under the starlight while sipping Champagne.

The back of the superyacht - designed for speedboat

docking - can be transformed into a stage for "pop-up" performances. "The dock is also a retractable stage," Wong explains. "You can fly in your favourite rock star just for the night. And you can sip martinis with a panoramic ocean view."

Whether to impress a guest or to close a deal, the superyacht would provide all the privacy and decadence you would ever need. "I try to create a fairy tale for the superrich," Wong says. "On this palace of your own, you would be free from all your worries. The best part? When you roam the [different] continents and oceans, you wouldn't even have to pack. Just charter a private jet."