PAUL SMITH Add a pop of colour to your golf ensemble with these sharp-looking brogues, HK$4,150







Sony Keep track of your ball with the recently launched DEV-50V compact, water- and dust-resistant binoculars, which double as a video recorder. HK$15,980






BlackBerry Keep your golf dates straight with the brand's latest Q10 smartphone which just arrived in stores last week. Its user-friendly keyboard and extra-long battery life mean you can upload videos and scores as you swing your way through the 18 holes. Available in black and white, HK$6,388









LOUIS VUITTON Make a statement with the brand’s Monogram golf bag. It has compartments for a full set of clubs and other accessories, HK$111,000










MYKITA The brand created these special sunglasses with lenses which increase colour contrast and prevent surface reflections. Exclusively available at Puyi Optical, HK$7,140







HERMÈS Veteran craftsmen combined functionality with luxury in these ultra-soft glazed lambskin gloves, HK$7,600