EVENT Wellendorff 120th Anniversary Celebration Gala Dinner
WHERE Peak Suite, Four Seasons Hotel


HAPPENINGS: To celebrate its 120th anniversary, the famous German jeweller flew in Hanspeter Wellendorff and Eva Wellendorff - third-generation members of the founding family - to share the joy with Hong Kong fans. An exclusive exhibition was held, featuring some unique pieces from Wellendorff's archive on display in Asia for the first time. Highlights included the brand's first spinning enamel rings, its longest goldwork rope, and a complete set of annual rings manufactured every year since 1997.

The VIP dinner was attended by Chinese supermodel-turned-actor Hu Bing and a bevy of the city's well-heeled socialites and jewellery connoisseurs. To bring the essence of German culture and history to Hong Kong, the brand served traditional German wine and cuisine. Famous German vocalist Jay Alexander was also booked to woo guests at the special occasion.



Quick: Hu Bing, or a Wellendorff ring – which would you rather bring home with you tonight?



CHIC CHAT with Hu Bing

Do you have any tips on how the modern man should wear jewellery?
The piece he chooses should be appropriate for the occasion, his personality and especially his skin tone.

From modelling to acting, what has been the major challenge for you?
Modelling is relatively simple, because you don’t have to talk. But when you’re on the runway, you’re also acting in a sense. With acting, you need to be far more experienced in life. You need a much deeper knowledge of the world to be able to portray different characters.

Tell us a bit about your character in your latest film Love Fashion.
My character is a designer, which was easy for me because I do a bit of designing myself.

Love Fashion takes you back to the fashion world. Do you miss being a model?
No, because I never left the fashion world. I still walk the runway from time to time, especially when Chinese designers need help and support. I’ve vowed to do as much as I can to promote distinguished Chinese designer brands.