When it’s not pouring rain and filling our Rupert Sandersons with puddle water, Hong Kong is actually pretty lovely this time of year, and it’s no surprise boat trips are one of our favourite weekend pastimes – beating out blockbusters, shopping and even (gasp) boozy weekend brunches.

And if what comes to mind when you think of boat trips are raucous, shocking displays of sunburnt inebriation, then, my friend, you’ve been doing it wrong. Only recently, a certain CEO of a popular Italian leather goods company showed us all what it’s truly like to splash out in style.

And This CEO, who is known for having a heart of gold even bigger than his famous yacht, treated his guests to a beautiful day of sailing around the waters off the gorgeous island of Capri, complete with delicious nibbles and waiters floating around with crisp, cool glasses of Cristal. There are definitely worse ways to spend a weekend.

And So! How would we do it at STYLE? The key to a fancy day out on the sea, it seems, is to set the right tone from the beginning. Sending an actual invitation goes a long way, and ensures that your guests show up in Hermès rather than H&M. Hire a crew of butlers to take care of all your guests’ little needs, from sunglass buffing to picking out the capers from their little salmon blinis (although really, you should have offered both caper-less and caper-topped options to begin with).

And Did we mention that these butlers should all look like Henry Cavill? Well, they should. We’re also envisioning endless bottles of Cristal, kept cool in crystal ice buckets from Baccarat. Oh and if you could set sail on a HK$475 million luxury yacht, such as the one we featured in our July issue, then all the better.

And A girl can dream, right?

And Happy sailing!