WHY: A quarter century ago, New York's Museum of Modern Art was one of 50 lucky owners to acquire the Apologue speakers when they first hit the market. Two decades later, the Swiss audio maker - famous for its industry-leading and ultraluxurious products - reissued an even more exclusive series of only 25 sets of high-fidelity speakers. While the minimalistic outlook might seem familiar, the speakers' mechanical heart gets a major upgrade.

Perked up with extra drivers and built-in amplification, the speakers output a whopping 3600w power, which dwarfs any headphones or portable stereos. Albeit their high frequency and perfectly engineered sound reproduction, the speakers cause little fatigue to listeners as the base and high playback levels are balanced for spaciousness in sound.

Thanks to Wi-fi, the sleekly designed speakers can even be admired as a piece of art. The speakers can work without any visible cables, except for the AC plug. Owners can also customise their speakers as the exterior can be personalised at the Goldmund Custom Shop. What's more, a group of engineers from the brand's Geneva headquarters will travel anywhere in the world to install the speakers so they can fine-tune specifics according to the owner's room acoustics and set-up.