WHO: Monique McLintock
INTERIOR DESIGNER: Monique McLintock possesses a wealth of experience and has been exposed to many cultures and influences throughout her career. The globetrotting designer has designed and managed projects indifferent countries around the world, including China, South Africa, England, Australia, France,Indonesia, the United States,the Netherlands, Zimbabwe and New Zealand. She has also designed projects in Hong Kong. Her family owned an architecture and construction company, which accounts for her knowledge in the area. Now,McLintock and her team create interiors for a variety of public and private spaces, ranging from restaurants and hotels to residential units, show flats, retail shops and offices.


LET'S FACE IT. After amassing a certain amount of wealth and friends, there's no club or lounge out there that can match the comfort and luxury of having "everyone back to ours" - especially when the home has a rooftop terrace that offers everything from a top-of-the-line grill to a glass-bottomed infinity pool.

"The homeowner today is looking for an entertainment area that will impress all their friends; they are looking for convenience, adaptability and luxury," McLintock says. She adds that certain terrace features are a given nowadays. "No outdoor space is complete without a jacuzzi, bar, kitchen serving area, DJ booth, dance floor, sunbathing area, fireplace, outdoor cinema seating, dining area and, of course, an indoor game room that flows into the outdoor space," she says.

For that much-needed wow factor, she recommends a few special touches. "There is a big push towards eco living and health and fitness these days," McLintock says. "Rooftop gardens are a rapidly growing trend. Growing organic veggies is a great way to eat healthy and also adds a nice splash of vegetation to the terrace space. Creating a peaceful, tranquil space to practise yoga would be a nice addition."

And the pièce de résistance? "No one has tried an infinity pool with a glass bottom so that you can see inside the apartment below - this will set the ultimate party terrace apart from the rest," she says. "It is the one thing that cannot be left out. Not only will it let diffused light flood into the living area below, it will also offer a unique experience for people on either side of the glass."

Having the technology needed to entertain your sophisticated guests is a must. McLintock emphasises that an integrated home entertainment and audio/visual system is key to getting the party started.

Godfrey Chan, project manager at Tacko Solutions, suggests the Creston Automation Control System for the job. "You can adjust the lights, shades, temperature and alarm without getting up from the sofa," he says of the system, which can be controlled through a special touch screen, keypad or your own smartphone.

For the outdoor cinema, Chan recommends an ultrafine LED display wall, TV wall or Barco professional theatre projection system, and he says the Creston system allows for different audio output for indoor and outdoor zones. The system lets you set a range of mood lighting scenes for separate areas through an LED lighting system, while moving head and spot lights come in handy for parties. McLintock says zoning is key. "There should be the right mix of breakaway spaces, quieter nooks and open space for mingling and partying," she says. "Central focuses such as a fireplace or a stone waterfall feature create somewhere for people to congregate. A large gas barbecue and food preparation area is ideal for hosting dinner parties, and a bar service area is crucial to keeping your guests happy."

State-of-the-art AV system? Check. DJ booth and dance floor? Check. See-through infinity pool? Check. Party on.

Illustrations: Anzon Wong