WHY: Like it or not, we spend at least one-third of our time sleeping. So, while you splurge on watches, cars and castles, why not invest in a good night's sleep?

Britain's Savoir Beds offers customised beds that are fit for royalty. In fact, the seamstresses who sew the crests of the custom-made Royal State Bed created the lace motifs on Kate Middleton's famed Alexander McQueen wedding dress. The deluxe bed was inspired by an actual bed used by kings during the 17th century.

Apart from the lush appearance, the mattress is made of an opulent combination of pure Mongolian cashmere, cotton and curled Latin American horse tail hair. The combination of materials helps maintain body heat.

The craftsmanship, however, is what makes the bed ultradecadent and luxurious. Each bed takes more than 600 hours to complete. The rare technique of "hand-teasing" is applied - artisans comb through the horse hair and cashmere to figure out the exact amount needed for each bed, of which only 60 are available. To match the noble status of its royal clientele, Savoir Beds launched the bed earlier this year at the prestigious Kensington Palace in London. The brand also turns it up a notch with customisations. You can get your family crest or initials embroidered on the mattress. Other customisations include size and support. Each side of the bed can be of different firmness. Maybe the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would fancy one now that they need extra power naps to care for their newborn son.