NORMANN COPENHAGEN The Bunny Chair, designed by Danish studio Iskos-Berlin, reinterprets the traditional wing chair and keeps you snug while you watch your favourite sitcoms, HK$35,500








TECKELL Foosball tables and luxury have never been synonymous, but the elegant Cristallino Gold LE, embellished with 24ct gold-plated accessories, takes luxury to new heights. A custom-made order takes three months to complete, about HK$300,000








BUBEN & ZORWEG The Grand Aficionado cabinet offers safe storage and appreciation of timepieces, wine and cigars. Its luxurious exterior makes for a statement centrepiece in your living room, about HK$1.9 million








MOROSO The avant-garde Do- Lo-Rez sofa is made up of square cubes of various heights. It can be rearranged into different shapes and sizes, HK$162,680