EVENT Ascot Chang 60th Anniversary Exhibition
WHERE IFC Mall, Central


Happenings: Tradition and family are important Chinese values, so it came as no surprise when Ascot Chang, famed menswear atelier, hosted a special 60th anniversary pop-up exhibition to celebrate the brand's milestone. Craftsmanship is important and this is reflected in the immaculately designed giant needle and measuring tape which doubled as a timeline exhibiting Ascot Chang's achievements over the decades. Canto-pop diva Kelly Chen and other VIP guests, including Charles Yang and Patrick Ma, sipped cocktails as they enjoyed a catwalk show , featuring the brand's autumn/winter 2013 collection. Actor Andy Lau, a long-time patron, was unable to attend, but sent his love with a short video. 


[Kelly] Chen hasn’t attended many events since she’s been on mummy duty. Must be a special night for her to be here.



CHIC CHAT with Tony Chang

As co-owner of Ascot Chang, you tailor-made the suit Kelly is wearing tonight. Do you think ladies can pull off suits, too?

Yes, we do make female suits but, of course, the credit goes to Kelly. She pulled it off so nicely. The tailoring techniques we use for men's suits also work for ladies. Ladies' suits are softer, while men's suits are more solid and constructed.

Do you have any tips for industry newcomers?

Determination is the key. Over the past 60 years, we've had ups and downs. Determination helped push us through. We are determined to use only the best material, and customer satisfaction is very important.

Ascot Chang is a family business, and you and your brother took over from your father. Is this a tradition that will continue?

My son has been working with us for five years now. After graduating from university, he worked at our New York headquarters for two years to get an idea of what the market is like there before coming back to Hong Kong to work with us.