EVENT Roger Vivier Virgule ‘Comma’ Heels Relaunch Party
WHERE Socialito, Central


Happenings: It's no mystery that women are drawn to shoes and, in particular, heels. So when Roger Vivier, king of stilettos, relaunched his Virgule "Comma" heels, fans flocked to celebrate the news. Ushered into the "secret room" behind the discreet silver door of hip Mexican restaurant Socialito, fans of the iconic heels - including Jennifer Tse, Amanda S and Dee Poon - cheered the return of the classic shoe. And yes, they were wearing the signature Comma heels. Victoria Tang was the guest photographer of the night. 



I wish it wasn’t so dark in here so I could get a better look at everyone’s gorgeous shoes.



CHIC CHAT with Victoria Tang


How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Numbers don't mean anything. You could have 2,000 pairs, but none of them are good. Or you could have five pairs that are so good that you can wear them every day and any season. I have enough good shoes.

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?

A pair of Vivienne Westwood heels, the ones Naomi Campbell was wearing when she fell on the catwalk. I bought them because I just love them - they are sexy.

You're a guest photographer tonight. How is it going?

It's tough. I'm usually in jeans and sneakers when I take photos. But tonight I'm in heels.

With your graphic design background, would you consider venturing into the shoe business?

Definitely. I actually took a shoe design course in London. I have a [design] idea which is very different from what's in the market at the moment.