EVENT Butterflies and All Things Sweet Book Launch
WHERE Joyce store, Central


Happenings: It's no secret that Hongkongers love a good cupcake or a luscious macaroon or two. And Bonnae Gokson is no stranger to Hong Kong's dessert world. Her latest creation is a coffee-table book that's a "visual feast" showcasing the ingredients, ideas and inspirations behind her most beloved pieces of edible art.

Gokson invited friends and family to join her to celebrate the launch of her newest venture. VIP guests, including Gilbert Yeung, Ana Rivera and Kim Robinson, sipped bubbly and enjoyed hors d'oeuvres from Gokson's cakeries, while appreciating the décor, including walls adorned with butterflies - a major inspiration to the celebrated "Queen of Cakes". 



How does Bonnae stay so slim when she’s always surrounded by delicious cakes?



CHIC CHAT with Bonnae Gokson

What was it like compiling your debut book?

I have certainly learned quite a bit about book publishing this year. It was challenging as all parties involved were in different parts of the world.

You've said before that confections you create are like butterflies. How do they inspire you?

Butterflies are intriguing. Their varieties are immense and beautiful. It's perfect to relate my cakes to them - they have such a short lifespan yet they are so magnificent.

Any tips for aspiring newcomers?

Having the passion for everything you do is so important. Also, just liking something is very different to running a business. You've got to be hands on.