Ladies, let's face facts: "men" and "fashion" are as compatible as gasoline and fire.

We may have just browsed through an entire catalogue of suave sartorial suggestions, but most of our partners likely didn't pay any attention to any of it - except maybe those pages with a leggy model in the ad.

When you walk through Central in the morning, there may be an endless parade of swell-looking gents in tailored suits and classy pinstripes (incidentally, I think that's more a business uniform than real fashion), but I bet not one of them is in that attire by choice. They're dressed like that because we told them to.

To paraphrase a maxim, behind every man's great wardrobe is a woman. Yes, it's probably some gal's stylish eye and advice that results in a handsomely dressed man. Trust me, if it wasn't for a girlfriend, wife, mum or personal assistant, all guys would be in crumpled suits and white sport socks. Any man who claims their tasteful fashion style is all their own? If they haven't come out yet, they probably will in a few years when they realise it.

Honestly, do you think any guy wears slim-cut pants because he likes them? They might make his form pleasant to look at, but the cut is constricting and uncomfortable.

Plus, aesthetics and beauty are often not a function of the male Cro-Magnon brain. Women dress up to impress other women. Men don't care. If you asked them, they would rather we just walked around naked all the time.

Personally, I believe cave women started wearing animal skins not for their own modesty, but so their Neanderthal partner can focus on other things such as food and shelter.

These days, we gals often take fashion inspiration from glamorous Hollywood. Occasionally, the boys take their cue from what they see on the screen too. The thing is they don't aspire to the exotic fantasy of James Bond tuxedos. That's too much work and their inner caveman simply has no such interest. The fact is men find their style muse in less sophisticated representations. Just think about what they wear when they let themselves go - likely only an undershirt, boring loose jeans and maybe an old college jacket they refuse to throw away. In other words, they would dress like Wolverine. If not for our protests, the sideburns and bed-head hair would be there too. Sadly, that look only works when you have Hugh Jackman's torso. But it could be worse. Imagine every guy in Hong Kong wanting to look like Superman with their underwear on the outside.

The Aristocrat