WHY: If you're looking for a stylish and functional centrepiece to wow your guests during the upcoming festivities, the Horn of Plenty "Glory" by House of Moiseikin may just be it.

Inspired by the Garden of Eden, this extravagant jewelled ornament does not resemble a timepiece at first glance. Instead, the focus is on the lavish adornments of fruits, orchids and the humming bird fluttering gently to the side.

The splendid objet d'art is made of more than 4,800 pieces of natural gemstones.

Some 600 pieces of rare Russian demantoid garnets are studded in the clock, alongside 3,100 diamonds amounting to 24.5ct and a uniquely shaped South Sea pearl which forms the humming bird.

The clock is tucked away in the roots of the floral sculpture, and subtle numeral engravings and the clock hand are concealed at the base.

The clock may be hidden, but it features advanced technology. The manually wound clock comes with a small diamond-studded gold key and has an eight-day power reserve. The key can be stored in the base of the clock alongside other small valuables.

This elaborate timepiece is the second in the Horn of Plenty series by the Russian company.

Joanne Lam