EVENT Louis Vuitton Store Opening
WHERE Times Square, Causeway Bay


Happenings: Louis Vuitton's new concept store at the heart of Causeway Bay showcases fashion accessories, with its customisation atelier, and lifestyle section all under one roof. You would need a 10-minute audio guide to truly experience the hip and innovative set-up. Luckily, famous lyricist and style maven Wyman Wong provided the voice for the audio guide.

VIP guests, including Gigi Leung, Kathy and Niki Chow, Helen Rong and Andrew Yuen, showed up to support Louis Vuitton's grand opening. Instead of the usual cold-cut canapés and bubbles, traditional egg waffles with foie gras filling and Hong Kong-style milk tea were served at the event. Famous street-style photographer Yvan Rodic, also known as FaceHunter, was spotted taking snapshots of the city's well-heeled crowd.


These egg waffles are amazing. It would be even better if they had the LV logo!



CHIC CHAT with Wyman Wong

What’s challenging about your audio-guide project with Louis Vuitton?
When I wrote the scripts and recorded for the audio guide, the construction of the store wasn’t finished. So I had to rely on interior design sketches and my own imagination to tell 
the story of the store. It was challenging but, at the same time, satisfying.

Do you have a favourite corner of the shop?
Every time I visit a Louis Vuitton shop, I look forward to seeing what they’ve done with the classic trunks. My favourite window display is an Eiffel Tower made of trunks.

How many clothes do you usually pack for fashion week?
It depends on how many days I’ll be on the road. When I’m only in Paris for five days, I can survive with only one or two outfits a day, so just four trunks of clothes. If I’m going to Milan, I’ll have my friends carrying another four trunks of clothes from Hong Kong.

What about your packing tips?
Have a lot of good friends and be nice to them.