Where's the best place in Hong Kong to fully tap the horsepower of an Audi sedan? Perhaps it's on a ferry crossing Victoria Harbour. The German car company came up with an out-of-the-box idea to launch its RS6 Avant and S3 Sportback - on a ferry, which was wrapped with Audi's latest advertisement campaign and doubled as a promotional tool and a party venue. Over 300 guests, which included a slew of local sports stars, boarded the Audi ferry for the exclusive VIP event. Marchy Lee, the local car racing champion, shared his test-drive experience with Audi's latest models. Martial arts master-turned-actor Zhang Jin and champion climber Lisa Cheng, who both starred in Audi's new TV commercials, also showed up to give their support. Other celebrity partygoers, such as Jacquelin Ch'ng, Sherman Chung and Alex Hung, enjoyed a memorable three-hour ferry ride. 


This might be a car show with the highest level of security. Now that we are in the middle of the Victoria Harbour, you literally can’t drive the car anywhere else.


CHIC CHAT with Zhang Jin

How did your martial arts moves highlight the Audi car’s traction in the TV commercial?
I did a 360-degree full-circle sweep on the waterlogged floor. While I swept with one leg, the other stayed as the anchor. The effect was that the sweep would set off a circle of water. To make the perfect shot, my sweeping leg had to stop precisely at a particular point.

How are martial arts intertwined with the Audi Quattro?
My actions represent the stability and strength of the Audi Quattro four-wheel system.

How significant is this stable strength at work and in life?
As an artist, the longer we make our living in show business, the more likely that we’ll only look at what others have achieved while ignoring our own achievements. Seizing opportunities are things that you need to accomplish at this moment, not the things you envision very far in the future.

How do you attain the strength needed to achieve stability?
I practise tai chi very often to calm myself and to give my leg muscles some good, solid training