What could possibly make cocktails even better? Try bespoke recipes ordered through your smartphone - all shaken and stirred by a robot. Monsieur, the world's first personal robotic bartender, is programmed to juice up the drinking experience.

The revolutionary box-like gadget, with a sleek design measuring 53cm by 50cm, learns to make the perfect personalised drink to meet your specifications. Better yet, there's no more fighting through a crowd of thirsty bar-hoppers - you can now order drinks while relaxing on your couch, using apps that operate through the iOS or Android platforms.

Friends won't be let down by Monsieur either. Pre-loaded with an extensive list of over 300 cocktail drinks, with themes ranging from Tiki Bar to Irish Pub, your flat can cater to the most esoteric of tastes. Get ready to party and embrace your new social status.

Monsieur is available in two versions: regular or mini.