WHY: Some would actually consider this machine a steal if it really delivers on its promise. After all, what's more precious than eternal youth? Developed by German company System4 Technologies' energy-medical scientists, the machine is devised for anti-ageing purposes - a futuristic and personal "fountain of youth", it claims. Through electromagnetic induction, the quantum pulse device imitates the cellular body's natural healthy frequencies and regenerates young stem cells. Its anti-ageing effects are further enhanced by specially treated silicon and aluminium depots. Just one weekly 30-minute treatment inside the pod can do the job. The company only produces 50 units each year, and a team of experts including an engineer will deliver and install the device at your home. The fee also covers on-site training and a 10-year warranty. The device can be customised to your liking, in platinum or gold alloy with an interior fitted with Connolly leather, maple or rosewood. The new diamond version is even more exclusive - only three units were made, and all sold out, an impressive feat considering each one costs HK$76 million. It's encrusted with 172,000 diamonds, hand-applied by Bremen-based jewellers Koch & Bergfeld, and it weighs a total of 6,880ct.