EVENT Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza
WHERE Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai


HAPPENINGS: This year's Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza saw an impressive line-up of designers, including Hong Kong's Henry Lau, Paris-based Calla Haynes and Masha Ma, and Amaya Arzuaga from Madrid. A bevy of local celebrities, designers and socialites turned out to support the event, including Coco Lee, Gigi Leung and Tina Liu. Canto-pop singer Hacken Lee was spotted on the runway, showcasing Lau's latest design, while singer Anthony Lun provided live music to accompany the presentation. Chinese designer Ma, who now has offices in Shanghai and Paris, sent models off the runway wrapped in modern yet feminine outfits. Prior to the big night, Ma was invited by Hong Kong's W Hotel to meet her local fans at an exclusive cocktail event at W's Extreme WOW Suite. 


OVERHEARD Now that all the celebrities are wearing the latest designer looks straight from the runway, this party is just as fabulous offstage.


CHIC CHAT with Masha Ma

Where do you get your inspiration?
I love reading. I think visual images that people use as inspiration are so restricting. You look at the same thing and you'll pretty much end up [creating] the same thing.

We've seen Chinese designers and models getting more attention on the international level. Does this hype ever get to you?
If you are not insecure, it won't get to you. I guess it's a label that you don't need to decide whether to take or not, because it's not your decision to make. People will decide for you.

How do you know what women want versus what a male designer thinks?
A male designer sometimes uses a female body as an object to express their own feelings. Then you have Stella McCartney, who actually designs clothes for women to wear. The idea for me is simple. I just want to dress modern, elegant and feminine women.

Tell us a lesson you've learned from working with Alexander McQueen.
If you want to be a fashion designer, think twice.