Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad has rolled out the next camera in its line of Sony remakes: full-frame Hasselblad HV "elite" digital camera, joining its Lunar and Stellar collection. The Hasselblad HV is based on the Sony A99. Only the exteriors of the two cameras are different. The HV is made of aircraft-grade materials. Its outer shell is made from titanium and high-grade aluminium. A tough PVD-finish frame gives it a rugged, unbreakable construction.

The internal functions and features of the Hasselblad HV are identical to the Sony A99. The Hasselblad camera costs €8,500 (HK$90,340). The high-performance "superresin" case is shock-proof and can withstand extreme weather conditions (from minus 40 degrees Celsius up to 80 degrees).