Why: We’ve all been guilty of resorting to our smartphones to check the time. Folks at Goldvish have created a phone with a real chronograph – the equivalent of a smart pocket watch for modernday connoisseurs.

The Geneva-based luxury mobile phone maker focuses on developing unique smartphones, with customised options, handcrafted finishes and highjewellery decorations for the ultra-affluent.

The brand is famous for its record-breaking diamond phone which sold for ¤1 million (HK$10.77 million). Goldvish’s Revolution is equally, if not more, impressive for its exclusivity. The phone is a joint venture between Goldvish and Swiss watchmaker Frédéric Jouvenot. Jouvenot’s patented chronograph has been integrated into the mobile phone.

Its innovative movement is completely visible from the front and the back.

The phone, crafted in 18ct white gold and rose gold, is encrusted with 32ct of VVS graded diamonds – with flaws only visible under a 10X microscope.

Only nine of these handcrafted phones are available on request.

Each takes more than three months to complete. Given the phone’s dazzling settings, who cares if it doesn’t have an app for everything?