1.  SMYTHSON The black pigskin watch box comes with its own builtin winders and jewellery compartments, HK$28,190

2.  BUBEN & ZORWEG The Time Mover Handwound is especially made for hand-wound timepieces with customisable settings for power reserve and speed-winding, available in crocodile leather or ebony. Price on request

3.  LOUIS VUITTON Travel in style with this suitcase wrapped in classic monogram canvas which can house up to eight timepieces and has a removable tray for other valuables, HK$48,500

4.  DÖTTLING The Gryowinder allows completely free rotation of the watch in all directions, which comes closest to the movement of the watch on one’s wrist. Starting from HK$138,700

5.  ORIGINTIMES The Bugatti Big Block Winder, fitted with 16 patented watch winder modules, can be customised in details down to the number of rotations per cycle. Starting from HK$752,700