EVENT The Venetian Ball
WHERE The Venetian Macao


Happenings: The Venetian Macao hosted a spectacular charity ball - with a theme inspired by "The Great Gatsby" - for more than 900 guests. Organiser Sands China took the opportunity to launch the Best Buddies Macao Association to raise funds for worthy causes.

Oscar-winning actor and longtime Best Buddies supporter Kevin Spacey stole the show by serenading the audience with classic jazz grooves. A charity auction was held, featuring a Tiffany & Co. diamond pendant, an Audemars Piguet watch, a Fender electric guitar autographed by the Rolling Stones, and more. 


OVERHEARD Kevin Spacey’s such a great singer. He could have launched a career in music too.


CHIC CHAT with Kevin Spacey

What's your ambition for your own Kevin Spacey Foundation?
We have a programme in the Middle East called Home Grown. There's nowhere for young people to even begin professional training in the film industry. We want to go into these regions where [there are] stories to tell and [help] young people tell them through artist tours and workshops.

Can you also tell us about the foundation's Elevator Initiative programme?
We want to create a global theatre company to go around the world and find emerging talents and bring them together to create a [work of] theatre that they will perform.

Do you have any actors that you wish to collaborate with?
I am so, so proud of Cate Blanchett. If she hadn't won [Best Actress in the Academy Awards], I would have protested. I really want to [work with her] on stage.