What: ONYX Sofa
How much: €135,000 (about HK$1.44 million)

WHY: If you like the idea of having a geological display in your living room, then Peugeot Design Lab's ONYX sofa fits the bill perfectly. The nearly three-metre-long sofa is made from a block of stone created by a volcanic eruption 11,000 years ago.

The Peugeot Design Lab - known for its futuristic designs - have put a modern spin on the ancient piece of stone. In collaboration with designer Pierre Gimbergues, the design arm of the French carmaker adds its first made-to-measure furniture piece to its portfolio. Like the concept supercar, bike and supertrike that were unveiled as the ONYX trio in 2012, the sofa is decorated with the collection's signature carbon fibre.

Designers played with the rare combination of materials - the hi-tech carbon fibre and the centuries-old volcanic stone. The unique piece demonstrates impressive craftsmanship. The concept was developed in May last year, and the sofa took 70 days to complete. It made its debut at last month's Milan Design Week.