It’s all about underwater splendour with the Il Giardino Marino di Bulgari. The timepiece’s tourbillon is revealed through a window at six o’clock, and its intricate beauty is enhanced by the blue lacquered champlevé dial, carefully handcrafted using marquetry-like techniques. The craftsmen also use mother of pearl, coral and turquoise for the design elements, with 29 brilliantcut diamonds as accents on the dial. It’s finished with 36 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 2.88ct adorning the pink gold case, HK$860,000

From the brand’s Attrape-moi ... Si tu m’aimes collection, this timepiece is a marvel of craftsmanship. Encircled by a diamond-paved pink gold case, the dial features a vivid lapis lazuli sky over a white mother-ofpearl base, with seven brilliant-cut diamonds as stars next to dragonflies with wings made from mother of pearl, yellow agate and red cornelian. The watch also includes 129 diamonds totalling 2.88ct, HK$811,000

The Precious Marquetry watch from the brand’s Premier collection has a dazzling, luminescent dial. The white gold dial features paillonné enamel, mother-of-pearl cabochons, pearshaped cabochon cut sapphires, white mother of pearl, freshwater pearl and pink mother of pearl laid out through marquetry techniques. The dial, which also showcases 54 brilliant cut diamonds, is housed within a case set with a further 63 brilliant cut diamonds, HK$763,900

The Piaget Rose Passion Piaget Altiplano 38mm is a delicate combination of elegance and subtlety. The dial features the brand’s iconic rose motif in grand-feu cloisonné enamel, and the design is complemented by a pink gold case set with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds, HK$625,000

This pink gold watch is from the brand’s Fabuleux Ornements collection, and its design was inspired by scrolling Ottoman architecture. The dial framing the exposed watch’s calibre has a white mother-of pearl base, over which a chamfered pink gold moucharaby - wooden lattice - motif has been applied, with each curve meticulously bevelled by hand. Half-pearl beads adorning each lattice pattern add to the charm and romance of the piece, HK$1.27 million