After a long day at the office, nothing beats a long, lazy bath. But those with limitless imaginations and budgets might also look forward to coming home to a bathroom-spa complete with a sauna, steam bath and a Jacuzzi set on a virtual beach.

"These days, homeowners are looking for a bathroom where they can relax completely and escape from the pressures of the daily grind. They want more than just a bathroom with standard sanitary fittings - they are seeking a multisensory experience that allows them to unwind from head to toe," says interior designer Leo Leung.

For a bathroom that will transport its owner to another dimension, Leung focuses on the physical and psychological processes of relaxation and the transformational aspects that new LCD technologies can offer. His vision consists of a cross-plan, four-wing space with a Jacuzzi and massage area in the centre, a shower and toilet area on the west wing, a dry dressing area on the east wing, a sauna and plunge pool in the north wing, and a steam room in the south wing.

"To the east is a dry room for undressing and dressing. To the west, there is a Diego Granese Loop jet rain shower in the middle of the wing, with the toilets to the left. Standing inside the shower, one can see their reflection from the mirrors behind the sinks. Behind these mirrors are LCD 'mood' screens, which can be revealed for moodscape visuals," Leung says.

In the centre of the cross is the jewel in the crown - the Jacuzzi and massage room surrounded by full-height LCD screens on three sides. At the push of a button, the entire environment is transformed as the user chooses among scenic displays of a forest, a beach or an "up in the clouds" perspective. The room also has two massage beds to accommodate house calls by a hired masseuse.

"There are auto home systems that allow for preset programs for different combinations of music, lighting effects and LCD graphics. These systems also come with apps that allow you to control settings through your phone, so you'll have your perfect bath environment ready when you get home," Leung says.

"There is also an LCD screen on the ceiling area above the Jacuzzi, so when you look up from the tub, you can see the night sky or swaying palm trees, depending on what theme you choose."

From this central room, one can pass through the neighbouring spaces to enjoy the sauna and plunge pool or use the steam room before rinsing off and heading to the dry room to get dressed.

Leung suggests furnishing this bathroom with bath and sanitaryware brands, such as Dornbracht, V&B, Hansgrohe and Victoria + Albert, as they have elegant, modern and versatile designs that work well with the transformational technologies included in the design.

"Of course, you will also need an AV system that plays your favourite music or ambient sounds to suit the environment you create," he says.

Leo LeungINTERIOR DESIGNER: As managing director of Liquid Interiors, Leo Leung has extensive experience inconceptualising the interiors of residences, shops, offices, clubs, hotels andstage sets for television shows. Born in Hong Kong, Leo spent much of his youth in Melbourne, where he studied multimedia design at Monash University. He began his career in stage design then moved on to major interior design projects, like designing Louis Vuitton stores in China before opening his own firm five years ago.