WHY: This extravagant safe is a true statement piece. Designed by Filipa Mendonca for Boca Do Lobo, the safe is a gleaming, 1.5 m-high object of desire. The safe looks as though it is a relic from the American gold rush of 1849, when banks needed extra-strong safes to keep robbers out.

Built from mahogany and covered in polished brass before being dipped into gold, the safe has interior drawers that can be locked with a separate key, and the black fabric that lines its walls gives the piece a final touch of elegance.

On the exterior, apart from the playful nicks and divots, are large, silver-plated cogs and a brass handle. The piece also operates on a rotation system for its secret code combination.

The interior comprises lockable drawers and compartments, making it the perfect place to keep all your valuable possessions.

The safe is limited to 20 pieces, and is also available in silver.