Admit it. You’re addicted to your phone. With a plethora of apps available now, here are some of our top picks to make your millionaire lifestyle even easier. 

Crème of the crop

If you could only have one app, it should be VIP Black.  Touted as the “Millionaire’s App”, this exclusive app requires members to verify that they are High Net Worth Individuals with assets or income over £1 million.

Once that is established, members will have VIP treatment across a broad range of activities. Users can book private yachts, jets, islands and more through the application, get priority access to unique events and experiences, and have an on-demand concierge service among others.

VIP Black (available on iOS for USD$999.99) is the most elite version of the app. VIP Blue is a mid-range version offering some VIP treatment, while VIP City offers exclusive treatment in only one city (including London, New York, Shanghai, Paris among others).  VIP Red is a free version.



Richemont’s e-commerce conglomerate Net-a-Porter launched its new social shopping platform NET SET, giving users the opportunity to be inspired by fashion icons and peers. Shoppers can follow their style heroes – think Poppy Delevingne to Liberty Ross. discover trends, or even snap a picture of their favourite colour and the app will recommend clothes they might like. 

It is available on iOS for free, but use of the app is currently on an invite-only basis.



Keep up to date with wristwatch news with Watchville. This nifty app made by watch lovers for watch lovers brings together the most popular watch blogs all in one place. It also offers an atomic clock tool, which can be used by collectors to set the correct time and moon phase for their watches.

It is available on iOS and Android systems for free. 



Looking for the UBER private jet? Jetsmarter simplifies the process of booking a jet to travel around the world. Jets can be hired with just a tap of the screen and in a mere few seconds.

Available on iOS and Android systems for free.  Users can become a member for US$8,499 for additional perks, including concierge services, discounted flights, access to exclusive events, and collect loyalty points.



Want to charter a boat for just a day? GetMyBoat is the app for you. Search for more than 30,000 boats in over 135 countries. Reservations can be made directly on the app.  Boat owners can also list their boat for others to get a chance to enjoy the beauty of  their yacht.

Available on iOS and Android systems for free.