Stunning glacial beauty and arctic adventures draw jet-setters to ice kayaking, writes Karen Loftus.

Designing the ultimate floating home was a great opportunity to be creative, writes Joanne Lam.

High-end cake making is fast becoming an edible art form in Hong Kong, writes Vivian Chen.

A partnership that was forged decades ago leads to sparkling success for jeweller David Morris, writes Jacqueline Tsang.

Enjoy a life of opulence in a home that is 9,000 metres above ground, writes Vivian Chen.

A couple engages in a colourful game of cat and mouse, flirting with the boundaries between our tangible selves and the mysterious world of silhouettes.

Edgy designs and unusual materials fuel a resurgence in men's jewellery, writes Francesca Fearon.

Some would actually consider this machine a steal if it really delivers on its promise. After all, what's more precious than eternal youth? Developed by German company System4 Technologies' energy...

Eva Malmström, co-founder and creative director of Soneva resorts, blends luxury with sustainability, writes Jacqueline Tsang.


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