It’s all about the drums, guitar and attitude – oh and some killer threads, of course.

Celebrities not only endorse top brands, they are also being asked to design the products, writes Vivian Chen.

New York-based fashion designer Phillip Lim is the man with the dragon tattoo.

Collecting classic cars has long been a passion for the rich, but the hobby has become serious business and offers savvy investors handsome returns, writes Winnie Chung.

For travellers seeking a slice of paradise, monastery hotels just might provide the holy grail, writes Michele Koh Morollo.

Manchester architect builds himself a dream penthouse on top of the skyscraper he designed.

We look at the wistful side of love and beauty, as the sun sets over another beautiful autumn day in the Big Apple.

Endeavours such as Duddell’s, Konzepp and A Space For Art make good business sense and may redefine the global artistic experience, writes Victoria Burrows.


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