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The brand new SCMP Mobile Edition for iPhone and Android mobile has been rebuilt from the ground up to maximise your new reading experience. The app delivers all the South China Morning Post content you've come to expect as well as breaking news alerts plus our best weekly and monthly magazines. Download it today for the best news reading experience on your mobile phone.

Plus, the SCMP Mobile Edition is now available on Apple Watch.

Get the latest news and breaking news alerts from the comfort of your own wrist with the new SCMP app for Apple Watch. Access Top Stories, Business, Hong Kong, China and Sports news directly on your Apple Watch. Plus receive push notifications directly on the Apple Watch and save articles for later reading on your iPhone.
  • More frequent updates
    The SCMP Mobile Edition is updated 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • More social sharing
    Share articles via email, Facebook or Twitter with the tap of a finger
  • More interaction
    Comment directly within the app to join the conversation
  • More multimedia
    Image galleries and slideshows, videos and much much more

Key Features

  • Latest News
    All the latest news from Hong Kong, China, Business and World at the touch of your finger.
  • Breaking News Alerts
    Keep up-to-date with breaking stories as they happen.
  • Magazines
    From Post Magazine to 48Hours, Style to Good Eating, we've got you covered.
  • Video
    Rotate your phone to access our latest SCMP news videos.
  • Trending
    Find out which articles are most viewed, most shared and most commented.
  • QR Code Reader
    Access exclusive online content from the print edition of the South China Morning Post. 
  • My Topics
    From Occupy Central to Edward Snowden, follow the topics that matter to you most.
  • Save Articles
    Save up to 20 of your favourite articles for reading offline.
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For more information on the app including answers to common questions please see our Frequently Asked Questions.