Hong Kong Sevens

Teens show nerve to undercut Sevens tout; Hong Kong fall to Fijian verve

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 23 March, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 23 March, 2013, 4:56am

Even the touts were getting "all shook up" on the first day of the Hong Kong Sevens yesterday, with one dressed up as Elvis in a white jumpsuit asking passers-by if anyone was "buying or selling a ticket - a-huh-huh".

It was a novel approach to attracting customers and one which fitted perfectly with the party atmosphere at Hong Kong Stadium. A different tout even got a taste of his own medicine when he tried to sell a ticket for the day's action to a fan for HK$500, only to be undercut by a group of 14-year-old Hong Kong expatriate girls who instead sold the fan one for HK$300.

"Well, that's a first," the tout said. "But so long as I make enough to have a holiday in Thailand next week I'll be happy."

Satisfied with their business transaction the giggling teens headed into the stadium.

Friday at the Sevens is always the appetiser before the main course, and the biggest roar of the night was when Hong Kong took to the pitch to play Fiji. The home crowd did their best to get behind their team but the locals ended up well beaten: 36-0.

As yet another Hong Kong player was felled by a vicious Fijian tackle one fan in the South Stand draped in a Scotland flag shouted: "Timber!"

That was before the stand was treated to one of the worst attempts at a Mexican wave in Sevens history. South African David Steyn, 29, raced to the front of the stand but only succeeded in getting in the way of people trying to watch the rugby.

"He's normally very quiet," said his friend Dain Leathem, 36, from New Zealand. "But the beer and the Sevens just sets him off."

Steyn's efforts got him into the good books of some attractive women sitting in the front row, who gave him high-fives.

"It's his first Mexican wave," explained his mate, Leathem.