Asia news in brief - September 7, 2012

PUBLISHED : Friday, 07 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 07 September, 2012, 2:12am

Imelda Marcos' seized jewels to go on display

MANILA - The Philippines said yesterday it plans to put on public display jewels seized 26 years ago from former first lady Imelda Marcos, hoping they will be a tourist draw. The collection, worth at least US$8 million, has sat in a bank vault for decades after being seized as part of assets allegedly plundered by the Marcos family before they fled to exile in America in 1986, after 20 years in power. The government plans to ultimately auction them off after putting them on display. AFP

Explosives in Jakarta linked to terrorism

JAKARTA - Bomb-making material has been found at a house in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, with police investigating possible links to terrorism. Jakarta police said that residents rushed to Muhammad Toriq's home as plumes of smoke shot up from the house late on Wednesday, and found explosive devices. Toriq escaped. A bomb squad team is investigating the explosives. Police said the devices were packed with ball bearings and nails to maximise the impact of a blast. AP

Filipino wife sought over killing of Canadian

MANILA - A murder complaint is set to be filed against the Filipino wife of a Canadian man who was gunned down at a beach resort in a southern city last month. Prosecutors are expected to file a case next week against Jane Doyle and three Filipino men for the fatal shooting of Harry Doyle, 62, of New Brunswick. Jane Doyle has fled to Canada but Philippine police will seek her extradition. Prosecutors claim she had a romantic relationship with one of the other suspects, the family's driver-bodyguard, and that she was seen talking with the two other suspects, including the alleged gunman, a week before the killing. AP

Japanese teen faces long jail term in Bali

BALI - A 16-year-old Japanese boy accused of possessing marijuana on Indonesia's resort island of Bali could spend more than a decade behind bars if convicted, according to prosecutors. State prosecutor Romulus Haholongan said that the boy had been detained in a police cell since August 8, when he allegedly bought a small amount of marijuana while on holiday with his mother. Haholongan said the boy would stand trial this month and faces 12 years in detention under Indonesia's tough narcotics laws. AP