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North Korea

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a country in East Asia, located in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering South Korea and China. Its capital, Pyongyang, is the country's largest city by both land area and population. It is a single-party state led by the Korean Workers' Party (KWP), and governed by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un since 2012. It has a population of 24,052,231 (UN-assisted DPRK census 2008) made up of Koreans and a smaller Chinese minority. Japan 'opened' Korea in 1876 and annexed it in 1910. The Republic of Korea (ROK) was founded with US support in the south in August 1948 and the Soviet-backed Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the north in September that year. 


South Korea vows 'strong' retaliation to North's aggression

South Korean President Park Geun-hye says Seoul is 'taking threats very seriously'

PUBLISHED : Monday, 01 April, 2013, 12:38pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 April, 2013, 12:19am

South Korean President Park Geun-hye vowed “strong retaliation” on Monday to any provocation by North Korea after Pyongyang declared it was formally at war with Seoul.

In a meeting with senior military officials and Defence Minister Kim Kwan-jin, Park said she took the near-daily stream of bellicose threats emanating from the North “very seriously”.

“I believe that we should make a strong and immediate retaliation without any other political considerations if (the North) stages any provocation against our people,” she said.

Park’s strong words are a departure from the country’s previous stance on threats from the North, when officials have played down the prospect of any attack.

Park, a conservative who had advocated cautious engagement with the North during her election campaign, has taken a more hardline position since assuming office in February, shortly after the North conducted its third nuclear test.

I believe that we should make a strong and immediate retaliation without any other political considerations if (the North) stages any provocation against our people

Military tensions between the two neighbours have been running high for weeks, with the North stepping up its hostile rhetoric against Seoul and Washington.

In protest at joint South Korean-US military drills, North Korea last month declared it was ripping up the armistice that ended the 1950-53 Korean war void and threatened a “pre-emptive nuclear strike” on South Korean and US targets.

On Saturday, it announced that it had formally entered into a “state of war” with South Korea.

Seoul and Washington have warned of severe repercussions in the event of any aggression, with the US deploying nuclear capable B-52 and B-2 stealth bombers, as well as F-22 stealth fighters over South Korea as a “deterrence”.

The advanced, radar-evading F-22 Raptors were deployed to Osan Air Base, the main US Air Force base in South Korea, from Japan to support ongoing bilateral exercises, the US military command in South Korea said in a statement that urged North Korea to restrain itself.

“[North Korea) will achieve nothing by threats or provocations, which will only further isolate North Korea and undermine international efforts to ensure peace and stability in Northeast Asia,” the statement said.

Sabre-rattling on the Korean peninsula drew a plea for peace from Pope Francis, who in his first Easter Sunday address called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis on the Korean peninsula.

“Peace in Asia, above all on the Korean peninsula: may disagreements be overcome and a renewed spirit of reconciliation grow,” he said, speaking in Italian.

Tensions have been high since the North’s young new leader, Kim Jong-un, ordered a nuclear weapons test in February, breaching UN sanctions and ignoring warnings from North Korea’s closest ally, China, not to do so.


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What a clown you are for have a mind of a peanut. To bad you can not comprehend a fact that a nation doesn't want to waste their time and money on war driven states that don't do a single "GOOD" thing in the history of humanity but destroy peoples lives and cause war.
The North is a controlling regime that doesn't even consider the lively hood of their own citizens. They allow them to starve, suffer and die for their reasoning of maintaining control (authoritative and un-elected control ) of other human beings and to warship their leader's mortal appearance ? never thought any nation in the 21st century would still be like this, un-elected emperors governing nations died out 4000 years ago.
The North has an option to change , to have a newly formed government based on equal rights to their citizens and allow them freedom of religion, movement, work and live in their own dignity of their own nation. Free their people from government slavery and impoverished imperialism of the North. ---- the North doesn't have to be Westernized, they can have their own form of freedom and democracy and what ever term you want to call individual rights.
Our world is changing by the day, if the North don't allow the people to govern themselves, then their nation will just fail. People change, gov?
I hope there will be peace and friendship between the two Korea's and to re-build a history that all Korean people deserve to live in freedom and dignity for the life they deserve.
haha , what clowns these south koreans are
few years ago they paid off a bunch of al quieda kidnappers to get a few hostages back
then the north koreans sink their ship and kill almost all on board
they did NOTHING both times, yea they are so tough
this deserves some reporting for racism and inflammatory uselessness...


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