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Edward Snowden

North Korea calls US 'kingpin' of rights abuse after surveillance revelations

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 June, 2013, 3:46pm
UPDATED : Friday, 21 June, 2013, 10:21am

North Korea rushed to the defence of American civil liberties on Tuesday, saying revelations of mass surveillance operations showed the United States was the “kingpin” of rights abuse.

Rights groups and defectors have long accused the North, one of the world’s most closed societies, of totalitarian practices. These include brutal suppression of dissent, the operation of a prison camp network holding some 200,000 inmates and a “military-first” policy that has led to periodic famines.

A commentary in the state newspaper Minju Joson said allegations of monitoring of telephones and emails by former CIA contractor Edward Snowden meant Americans and foreigners alike had been “subject to the espionage that has been applied indiscriminately by the US intelligence institution”.

“...This clearly proves once again the US is a kingpin of human rights abuses as it puts the world under its watch network and has conducted espionage against mankind,” said the commentary, cited by the official KCNA news agency.

“Each individual is entitled to live and develop with dignity as a social being,” it said. “But in American society, where the jungle law prevails, only the strong men’s rights over the weak men are recognised.”

This clearly proves the US is a kingpin of human rights abuses as it has conducted espionage against mankind
KCNA news agency

It said that explanations by US officials that the programmes sought to prevent terrorism were “just a lame excuse to cover up (the) crime”.

Snowden, believed to be in hiding in Hong Kong, hit back on Monday at critics who denounce him as a traitor for revealing the operations. He said he made his disclosures to counter “a litany of lies” by senior officials to US Congress.

The United Nations has launched an investigation into alleged crimes against humanity in North Korea. Authorities in Pyongyang deny the existence of prison camps and say they will not cooperate with the UN probe.

In March, as tensions between North Korea and the United States soared over Pyongyang’s nuclear programme, with the North threatening nuclear strikes against the United States and South Korea, KCNA declared the North free of rights abuses saying “they cannot exist”.

It accused the United States and South Korea of launching “a desperate effort to evade a shameful defeat in the nuclear standoff with (North Korea) and invent a pretext for invasion and pressure”.

North Korea is also believed to be running a large corps of computer experts aimed at hacking into the networks of governments and financial institutions, most notably blamed for the 2011 shutdown of a South Korean commercial bank.


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the sun also rises
As all know,now in N.Korea,the commoners can't go internet at all , so there is no need to have any types of cyber-monitoring on the people there at all ! Besides,in the cyberattacks launched by the N.Korea over S.Korea in recent months, the only victim of the cyber war was S.Korea only, our beloved Hong Kong was not a bit involved ! But the largest hacker in the world, the US's National Security Agency's cyber-surveillance program,'The Prism' had hacked into our Chinese Univ.'s Hong Kong Internet Exchange (which handles data process of 90% of e-communications in Hong Kong )and computers of our public officials,businessmen and students (might be those undergrads and post-graduates plus exchange students from Mainland ).How rude and arrogant the hacker has been in the past four years since 2009---according to the revelations of this leaker,Mr.Edward Snowden. Right ?
Maybe Edward Snowden should move to North Korea.. I'm sure he will be treated as a hero there...
the sun also rises
Why don't you yourself move there first to taste the life experience there then return to the terrtory to tell us how you feel ? Okay ? ha ! ha !
the sun also rises
Snowden Gate Incident is never a 'Storm in a Teacup' but instead it shocked the whole world's netizens since their communications on the internet through the internet suppliers like Apple,Facebook,Google, Yahoo,Skype and Youtube plus...are now found to be unsafe and every netizen has to be cautious in their e-mail and on their free online phone calls since the largest hacker in the world---the National Security Agency of America is watching us like the Big Brother in George Orwell's novel:'1984' ! Right ? Shame on the nasty guy below to attack our leaker-hero,Mr.Edward Snowden.Shame on you indeed !
Blooming heck: that's a bit rich coming from the mouthpiece of an Orwellian state like North Korea. Those in glass houses should not throw stones. Quite frankly, this whole Snowden 'storm in a teacup' issue is getting out of hand. The sooner he gets extradited to the US, tried, convicted, sentenced, imprisoned and the key thrown away the better.
the sun also rises
Now this so-called the beacon of the free world has demonstrated that it is itself an autocratic /authoritarian country which monitors other nations around the world through the web network suppliers' aid and its NSA---National Security Agency---actually it sounds it is no better than N.Korea---a communist autocratic closed nation.The once-blinking ring on the Goddess of Liberty in New York has lost its glimmer from now on ! N.Kores's monitoring on her people looks more or less like her counterpart: America whose acts in monitoring the public of the world might make her worse than N.Korea, I wonder.
The editors of the SCMP are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep this story above the fold.
Totally bored with it all. Chill out people and get a life!
Dude, things are not good when even NK is making fun of you...
If there is truth to the saying “it takes one to know one”, the U.S. has just been labeled by a world leader in the race to subvert freedom.
Looks like South Koreans might be able to visit DPRK soon; ****www.youngpioneertours.com/new-mt-kumgang-june-cruise/


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