Japanese broadcasters refuse to run ads for 'smart' Panasonic TVs

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 09 July, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 09 July, 2013, 2:31am


Japanese broadcasters are refusing to air commercials for Panasonic's new "smart" television, according to the manufacturer, amid speculation they feel threatened by its combined TV-internet function.

Private broadcasters, in a rare case of turning down a major advertiser, have said they will not show commercials for the product, claiming the split screen simultaneously showing broadcast content and web pages may confuse viewers, reports said.

"IPTV, or smart television, is a new area of service, and we are in talks to create new rules for broadcasting," Panasonic said. "We refrain from making further comments."

Web users who have seen the commercial, available on video-sharing site YouTube, lashed out at broadcasters for an apparently quixotic attempt to protect their medium from competition. "Terrestrial broadcasting is finished because it has failed to keep up with the trend," said one posting under the video by Desuzo Otaku. "Forget it. We live in the time of the internet."

"LG, Samsung have already released similar televisions a long time ago, but they cannot bring them to Japan," said another posting by tairaomote, referring to Panasonic's South Korean rivals.

Japan has a lively and competitive broadcast scene and a thriving internet culture.

However, despite a reputation for innovative wizardry, Japan is sometimes slow to adopt new forms of technology into mainstream use. Some major companies are criticised for not keeping up with changes in modes of consumption.

Rules banning use of the internet in political campaigning have only recently been relaxed ahead of the July 21 election.