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US tourist killed in Thailand for refusing to stop singing

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 31 July, 2013, 6:01pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 August, 2013, 3:42pm

An American tourist was allegedly stabbed to death by three Thai musicians after he refused to stop singing at a bar in a popular tourist resort, police said on Wednesday.

Bobby Ray Carter, 51, died after he was stabbed twice in the chest while his son Adam, 27, suffered a stab wound to his arm, during a fight with members of the house band from the Longhorn Saloon early Wednesday at Ao Nang beach in Krabi.

He and his son quarrelled with all three musicians because he wouldn’t stop singing despite the musicians taking a break

Police said the three musicians were arrested at the scene and confessed to stabbing the Americans.

Carter had joined the musicians on stage for a singalong, but a row broke out when he refused to stop singing as the band took a break.

On its website the Longhorn Saloon advertises “jam with the band” as one of its attractions, along with “good music, funfunfun and friendly staff”.

“He and his son quarrelled with all three musicians because he wouldn’t stop singing despite the musicians taking a break,” said Lieutenant Colonel Attapong Seanjaiwuth of Krabi tourist police.

“He then demanded the money he had already given as a tip back. But the real fight broke out outside of that pub. He was stabbed twice and died while on the way to local hospital.”

Thailand has come under scrutiny in recent months over its treatment of foreign tourists, who are a mainstay of the economy.

Tourists have registered a series of complaints with authorities over their treatment ranging from jet ski scams, drink spiking, robbery, assault and even police extortion.

A dozen European ambassadors recently raised the issue with local authorities on a visit to the resort island of Phuket – where a 59-year-old Australian woman was killed in June last year in a robbery.

Earlier in July an American man was slashed to death by a taxi driver in Bangkok after an apparent argument over the fare.

A record 22 million foreigners visited Thailand last year. Although most did not encounter any serious problems, diplomats say tougher action is needed to ensure their protection.


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Why are Chinese tourists so rude ?
And not them being mal-treated ?
A few insights !
nowadays quiet a lot of people have become restless psychos. for every little thing just take out weapons and kill people. this is not the right solution. those musicians who were sick of the tourists singing they would have just got him arrested not kill like psychos.
Actually, I think when you read through history, there have been a lot of people killing each other for various reasons. However, it may not be just because there are more crazy people out there or that people are more willing to kill others than before. There are probably other reasons why we hear more about terrible tragedies like this. First - and this case sort of illustrates - people these days are much more mobile and travel to areas they may not actually know well or where dangers may exist. Second, with instantaneous, 24x7 media globally, we hear about such tragedies more frequently than we did before the Internet and CNN brought us never-ending news from around the world. Another reason, and one which is related to the first point, is that the traditional lifestyle that existed for centuries wherein people seldom left their hometown communities has largely disappeared, thus we now live among strangers and come into contact with people we are often not related to or do not know very well. That increases the chances of misunderstandings, mistrust and even confrontation.
All this translates into more such murders and attacks. However, there have been psychos out there fore centuries. The difference was often we did not hear about their attacks nor did such psychos leave their communities or have strangers come into their communities.
Unfortunately some foreign tourists behave badly and then protest when things like that happen. Thai people are generally friendly but one has to observe some basic rules. I lived in Thailand for over 4 years, tried to observe the rules and never got into trouble. Thai people are friendly but when pushed .....


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