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Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded, struck the Philippines in November 2013 with winds of up to 190 mph (305 kph). At least 10,000 people died in one Philippine province alone.


Philippines Typhoon Haiyan death toll exceeds 10,000 as rescue effort continues

Rescue workers overwhelmed by sheer scale of devastation after Haiyan wreaks havoc in what could be the Philippines' worst natural disaster

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 10 November, 2013, 10:06am
UPDATED : Monday, 11 November, 2013, 6:11pm

As many as 10,000 people are believed to have died in one Philippine province alone as one of the worst storms on record ravaged several central islands, burying people under tonnes of debris and leaving corpses hanging from trees.

The horrifying estimates - which would make it the country's worst recorded natural disaster - came as rescue workers appeared overwhelmed in their efforts to help countless survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Hundreds of police and soldiers were deployed to contain looters in Tacloban, the devastated provincial capital of Leyte, while the United States announced it had responded to a Philippine government appeal and would send military help.

Video: More than 10,000 feared dead in typhoon-ravaged Philippines

"There's an awful lot of casualties, a lot of people dead all over the place, a lot of destruction," Richard Gordon, head of the Philippine Red Cross, told the BBC.
"It's absolute bedlam right now, but hopefully it will turn out better as more and more supplies get into the area."

Authorities were struggling to even understand the sheer magnitude of the disaster, let alone react to it, with the regional police chief for Leyte saying 10,000 people were believed to have died in that province alone.

"We had a meeting last night with the governor and, based on the government's estimates, initially there are 10,000 casualties [dead]," Chief Superintendent Elmer Soria said in Tacloban. "About 70 to 80 per cent of the houses and structures along the typhoon's path were destroyed."

The destruction extends well beyond Tacloban. Officials had yet to make contact with Guiuan, a town of 40,000 that was hit first by the typhoon. Baco, a city of 35,000 people in Oriental Mindoro province, was 80 per cent under water, the UN said.

On the island of Samar, a local disaster chief said 300 people were killed in the small town of Basey. He added another 2,000 were missing there and elsewhere on Samar, which was one of the first areas to be hit when Haiyan swept in from the Pacific Ocean with maximum sustained winds of 315km/h.

President Benigno Aquino said while visiting Tacloban that looting had emerged as a major concern. "We will send about 300 police and soldiers to ... bring back peace and order," he said.

Haiyan moved out of the Philippines and into the South China Sea on Saturday, from where it tracked towards Vietnam. Although it weakened out at sea, more than 600,000 people were evacuated in Vietnam ahead of its expected landfall this morning.

China was also bracing for the approaching storm. Some 250 flights were delayed or cancelled at the international airport in the Hainan tourist hub of Sanya . A nearby highway was also shut down. Guangdong-Hainan train-ferry services were suspended.

About 16,000 passengers were left stranded, mainland media reported.

Xinhua reported that six sailors were missing from a Guangxi cargo ship after it was blown out to sea from a Sanya harbour. According to the online news portal of Haikou , Hainan province was hit by strong winds and heavy rain.

Video: Super Typhoon Haiyan makes landfall in the Philippines

Additional reporting by Reuters, Mimi Lau


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@ivan.c.chung. No, it's not irrelevant. We are neighbors and an Asian community. You don't ask for your neighbour to give back the tools he borrowed from you, when his house is on fire.
Come on CY Leung, push harder, show the true colors of your divisive political agenda.
Irrelevant. the two aren't connected in any way
Why now blaming HK and it's people if they decide not to help or wait to response to the disaster? Why we should be embarrassed? What has the Philippine government done to comfort the HK families, who suffered lost in the bus tragedy?
I am, as a Hkner, very sorry for the loss of peoples lives and the tragedy involved so many families and children in the Philippines. No country deserves this.
Some people are expecting a response from the HK Administration and China but when it comes to our expectation from the Government of the Philippines all what we can get is an arrogant "smile".
I am sure that HK and the Mainland China government will offer to help, but don't expect the utmost and don't blame them for being reluctant. Blame it on their own government, as for so many decades they earn money from the public funds into their own pockets and doing less to nothing to modernize the country.
And when the rain blows
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I demand the HK Chinese government to finalize the sanctions and publish worldwide, as if we care. In "meow" or Cantonese tone, "kwik, kwik la"! HK is just a small Chinese city with nothing special in this century seriously. Oh wait, on behalf of her majesty and the british empire, I demand apologies for the british pilot stabbed in HK. And what's going on with the Lamma Island ferry tragedy??? how about the HK Chinese died in the ferry tragedy in Thailand, did u ask the kingdom of Thailand for apology to the little crying city of HK???
Look at the conditions of helpers in the Middle East please. Check on it before you talk of how bad Hong Kong is. Why do you think Hong Kong is so popular for them?
So poor that it can afford to pay the United States 400 Billion for two frigates and negotiating the purchase of 12 FA50 fighters for another 400 Billion United States Dollars? Do you thinkn you can buy a house on the Peak if you are only earning HK$4000 per month?
not sure that fact checking is really a priority for carmeledwin
HK should at least extend the one month bus shooting negotiation deadline for this ...
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