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Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded, struck the Philippines in November 2013 with winds of up to 190 mph (305 kph). At least 10,000 people died in one Philippine province alone.


Philippines Typhoon Haiyan death toll exceeds 10,000 as rescue effort continues

Rescue workers overwhelmed by sheer scale of devastation after Haiyan wreaks havoc in what could be the Philippines' worst natural disaster

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 10 November, 2013, 10:06am
UPDATED : Monday, 11 November, 2013, 6:11pm

As many as 10,000 people are believed to have died in one Philippine province alone as one of the worst storms on record ravaged several central islands, burying people under tonnes of debris and leaving corpses hanging from trees.

The horrifying estimates - which would make it the country's worst recorded natural disaster - came as rescue workers appeared overwhelmed in their efforts to help countless survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Hundreds of police and soldiers were deployed to contain looters in Tacloban, the devastated provincial capital of Leyte, while the United States announced it had responded to a Philippine government appeal and would send military help.

Video: More than 10,000 feared dead in typhoon-ravaged Philippines

"There's an awful lot of casualties, a lot of people dead all over the place, a lot of destruction," Richard Gordon, head of the Philippine Red Cross, told the BBC.
"It's absolute bedlam right now, but hopefully it will turn out better as more and more supplies get into the area."

Authorities were struggling to even understand the sheer magnitude of the disaster, let alone react to it, with the regional police chief for Leyte saying 10,000 people were believed to have died in that province alone.

"We had a meeting last night with the governor and, based on the government's estimates, initially there are 10,000 casualties [dead]," Chief Superintendent Elmer Soria said in Tacloban. "About 70 to 80 per cent of the houses and structures along the typhoon's path were destroyed."

The destruction extends well beyond Tacloban. Officials had yet to make contact with Guiuan, a town of 40,000 that was hit first by the typhoon. Baco, a city of 35,000 people in Oriental Mindoro province, was 80 per cent under water, the UN said.

On the island of Samar, a local disaster chief said 300 people were killed in the small town of Basey. He added another 2,000 were missing there and elsewhere on Samar, which was one of the first areas to be hit when Haiyan swept in from the Pacific Ocean with maximum sustained winds of 315km/h.

President Benigno Aquino said while visiting Tacloban that looting had emerged as a major concern. "We will send about 300 police and soldiers to ... bring back peace and order," he said.

Haiyan moved out of the Philippines and into the South China Sea on Saturday, from where it tracked towards Vietnam. Although it weakened out at sea, more than 600,000 people were evacuated in Vietnam ahead of its expected landfall this morning.

China was also bracing for the approaching storm. Some 250 flights were delayed or cancelled at the international airport in the Hainan tourist hub of Sanya . A nearby highway was also shut down. Guangdong-Hainan train-ferry services were suspended.

About 16,000 passengers were left stranded, mainland media reported.

Xinhua reported that six sailors were missing from a Guangxi cargo ship after it was blown out to sea from a Sanya harbour. According to the online news portal of Haikou , Hainan province was hit by strong winds and heavy rain.

Video: Super Typhoon Haiyan makes landfall in the Philippines

Additional reporting by Reuters, Mimi Lau


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@artdig18: Us Filipinos love to do that. 2 face.....pretend to be strong and insult when we think we have power. Be boss. And then cower and pretend to be victim when we need/want something. Sir this Mam that. Know your place, be true to yourselves. Pinoy Pride doesn't mean to be prideful. It means to be humble and to make a positive difference in this WORLD, not just for ourselves when it's convenient. To be a leader is to lead by example and do what is right, not to extend the hand and count your pennies or measure the righteousness of your actions based on others actions or non-actions. That is Pinoy pride. Noynoy, apologize for the shooting. As for Sichuan and Yolanda, it's ok, we give to you, you don't give to us it's ok. No problem, we take care of it our own way.
Please stop arguing here at this sad time. Being a Hongkonger. I truly wish all those affected Philippinos can restore to normal life very soon. May Glod Bless Philippines.

If you look down the list of donor nations you will find that the Philippines sent medical team and donated $450K to China ... poorer and badly managed for many years is Philippines but at least it has the heart and humanity to help its neighbour ... that I cannot say for some of the people writing here
@caractacus: poorly developed infrastructure, flimsy brick/wood/sheet metal construction, high population density, and cramped and squalid living conditions are highly correlated with how much damage a typhoon can cause to an area. I would hazard that the same storm passing through Hong Kong would not cause nearly the same level of damage.
One might ask why there are not more typhoon resistant buildings? Well, maybe the demand for such buildings far outstrips available supply. And since people need a roof over their heads, wood/sheet metal/brick buildings end up sufficing. Perhaps the real issue is the level of demand...
I find it funny that there are so many Filipinos posting hateful and shameful words on this HK publication. It's Monday...shouldn't you all be working? Work harder, make more money, rebuild our country. Dummies.
It is new to me, that other Asian countries hate the Chinese, so I don't see the substance of your comment. Yes, the typhoon was an act of god and no one could have prevented it. But with functional infrastructure and modern equipment and "skilled" government rescue teams, the help and rescue would have come earlier and much more faster.
You can see it yourself, areas, cities and communities are cut off and there is no way to help as the Philippine government lack of equipments to help.
Why should I pretending? I feel really sorry for the people but I don't see any reason to blame our government for this tragedy. Or should I donate thousands of dollars, hang a shield around my neck with the numbers of the amount I donated and proudly show it to the public that I care? Is that what you want from the HK and Chinese government? THAT is pathetic.
HK Chinese = small-eyed clown, every time they cry, they're like spanked puppets. before u cry to the earth, try to cry first in your own world or to xi jinping, we'll see if u can still squat and **** on the next day. HAHA.
Spend less money on assault rifles and more on properly constructed homes. That way less Taiwanese and tourists get shot up and they're more resistant to forces of nature.
The Philippines will always be a US colony and party stop with for its servicemen. Its an uneducated country whose government has had many years to improve the wealth of its citizens and yet has not done so due to decades of corruption. No country really needs them and yet their government has no humility but willingly begs for help from its neighbors. Yes the neighbors should help them but their own country needs to show some humility and class. Its poverty and lack of education has gone on forever.
your level of arrogance is way high.
Andypl ... keep blaming others for their misfortune including natural disasters ... so you will never need to help anyone and hopefully you will never need help yourself ... so when you die you have made no difference in this world ...
Why don't you shut up, you evil minded, spiteful racist?
I am wondering who is here the racist. Seems you think you are in the rightful position to insult HK people but if we say something against it you call us a racist and to shut up. Delighted to see the culture of the discussion here.
Do you know what the most common comments of the international media regarding to rescue missions and donation to the Philippines are? "...pity that most of the funds will disappear and right into the hands of corrupt officials.....". Yes, call us racists and ignore the truth.
Camel I hear these comments on misappropriation of funds all the time its human greed and not just third world countries including US, Australia, China ... if you don't want to help then don't why be spiteful
So why insulting the Chinese if they still haven't responded? And now you can see it for yourself. There was a response from China and they are willing to help and what kinds comments from the Philippinos here followed to this response? See it for yourself. So don't complain. Spend less on warefare and modernize your infrastructure.
One of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded hit the Philippines may reveal China’s attitude towards the Philippines. American rapid response will be seen as commendable, especially when compared to the lack of response by China/Hong Kong. This will win the hearts and minds of the Filipino people as the Americans have come to the aid of the Philippines. It must be pointed out that the US has a presence in the Philippines. However, a failure in China to show concern for the Filipino people will only push them further into the hands of the US. Let’s not forget, that the Filipinos had removed the US from Subic bay, however with China’s increasing presence and territory claims in the South China Sea this may be only a temporary closure by China’s attitude towards the Philippines.
Why now blaming HK and it's people if they decide not to help or wait to response to the disaster? Why we should be embarrassed? What has the Philippine government done to comfort the HK families, who suffered lost in the bus tragedy?
I am, as a Hkner, very sorry for the loss of peoples lives and the tragedy involved so many families and children in the Philippines. No country deserves this.
Some people are expecting a response from the HK Administration and China but when it comes to our expectation from the Government of the Philippines all what we can get is an arrogant "smile".
I am sure that HK and the Mainland China government will offer to help, but don't expect the utmost and don't blame them for being reluctant. Blame it on their own government, as for so many decades they earn money from the public funds into their own pockets and doing less to nothing to modernize the country.
What can modernisation do to stop a storm of such ferocity? It's nature, stupid, and don't pretend you care. In the face of such selfish arrogance, it is little wonder the other Asian peoples hate the Chinese.
If you cannot see why us Hong Kongers should be embarrassed about the slow response to our neighbours, then that is truly pathetic and small. And your pettiness in dragging the bus tragedy into this is disheartening. A tremendous amount of lives have been lost and destruction on a scale that many of us cannot really imagine. Thoughts of quid-pro-quo shout not even come into this.
Meaning the live of the people of the Philippines is much more valuable and more tragically if lost than the life of HKners?
A part of my relatives and colleagues were in Sichuan when the big earthquake happened and also there a "tremendous amount of lives were lost". China did receive international help and China did help themselves. BUT hadn't demanded from their neighbors to help or blame them for lack of "response". So, don't lecture me about the value of life and the pain of losing friends and people you love or know.
Not blaming HK Govt at all ... just requesting compassion and assistance in the face of a humanitarian disaster ... many ordinary people in Hong Kong have responded and so have many wealthy nations ... HK is 10th ranked ... Nice of our CEO to express sympathy but so far nothing else not even on postponement of sanctions he previously threatened.
Mr. CY Leung,
Please show that HK and its people have compassion and that WE (the HK government and people) know what to do when other countries are in distress. Send support in form of water, food, medication, rescuers etc. to help !
European countries have done so already and they are at the other end of the world. Good neighbors should be the first once to be there when needed.
And by the way, it will teach the government of the Philippines how to do things right in the event of disaster. Helping them as our neighbors when they need us will make them much faster to seriously address the bus kidnapping in the appropriate way then any ridiculous blackmailing such as scrapping the visa free access.
This national disaster and the Manila bus tragedy have nothing to do with each other. Don't associate them because it only shows how self centred your thinking is.
Going Places
I too am reluctant to donate to "charities" in the Philippines. So I gave money to my helper for her family to buy food, medicine and material to rebuilt the family home.
At a time like this we should find the compassion in us to help our fellow human beings, not to bicker about differences, prejudices.
Given the PH Govt track record of graft and corruption from previous AID given to NGO scams, I'm really having reservations giving funds or sending merchandise to filipino friends in the PH. I'm afraid that the funds will be "pocketed" again by local municipal mayors or barangay chairman during this horrendous calamity, from water, tent, relief canned goods and all. I have doubts on almost ALL listed of the so called NGO's in PH with few exceptions. Maybe Red Cross PH Chapter is not as corrupt as the others or maybe TzuChi.Org too is okay. The rest seems bogus and seeking FREE P.R. at the expense of their fellow compatriots. Sad, isn't ?
The Red Cross has a good record. 94.2% of donations reach the needy. The missing parts are for expenses in procuring supplies and hiring extra personnel needed to distribute. Another reliable organisation is Oxfam, which enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. You can consider Methodist International Church, Lutheran Churches and St. John's Cathedral.
Actually records show that over 92% of the monies do reach the needy through the Red Cross. This is reasonable as they have expenses for the purchase of supplies and to employ more people for distribution. Another organisation you can consider is Oxfam, which is also internationally recognize for being reliable.
BTW another way is to donate goods instead of cash as they can easily be misspend even by reputable organisation.
I personally dont like to give cash, but find donating can foods and clothing to be much more helpful. I've have asked my domestic helper whether she have anyways to send those foods back.... I am sure some will question the honesty of my domestic helper the only thing I got to say, I trust her as she has work with us for the past 5 years and diligently taken care of my Grandmother, for which I am most grateful.
and donating hygienic products like wet tissue, band aid, etc is very helpful too.
I am just glad that the woman who helped raised me is safe and sound with her family in Philippine.
First thing for hk to do is to extend the deadline for the sanction. We should give their government the first priority to work on relief and rebuilding.
CY some leadership and response required such as medical supplies, tents, personnel ... HK being one of the top 10 economy in the World and a neighbor needs to help
sad thing is Hong Kong and China never send any aid or help ever since in the Philippines...even though Philippines sent some aids to China in 2008 earthquake.. they are care less about their neighbor..
OK, Mr. CY Leung, please show some leadership and unleash all available govt resources to help the Filipinos devastated by the recent storm. If we can spend billions on unneeded cruise terminals and bridges to nowhere, surely we can spare a few hundred million for emergency relief for our neighbors.
Let's call a truce for the time being. Playing the 'Schandefreude' card shouldn't be in bona fide HKer DNA. What's happening in Talcoban is heart-wrenching. I would take heed of the advise below to donate money directly to the Philippines Red Cross. I am unable to explain the unbecoming behaviour displayed by some people here. Probably Chinese people pretending to be a HKer here?
Too much negative influence imported by the PRC 'retaliation' attitude?
Typical HK low life, always trying to blame someone else for their own arrogance.
Those politicians in Legco notably the pan dems must not be HKer's now eh?
Before we bash each other to death, I like to remind anyone who is thinking of sending supplies to help and who are not Filipinos please if you send money or supplies to help the people of "The Philippines". I suggest to send your money or supplies to the Philippine Red Cross and not to any Government official because by other people's experience they will only gave one kilo of rice one instant noodles, one can of sardine and 50 Pesos. Incidentally 50 Pesos cannot get you anything.
And when the rain blows
and as shadows grow close don't be afraid
There's nothing we can't face
We can make it through the rain
We can stand up once again on my own
And we know that we're strong enough to mend
And every time we feel afraid
We hold tighter to our faith
And we live one more day
And we make it through the rain
I demand the HK Chinese government to finalize the sanctions and publish worldwide, as if we care. In "meow" or Cantonese tone, "kwik, kwik la"! HK is just a small Chinese city with nothing special in this century seriously. Oh wait, on behalf of her majesty and the british empire, I demand apologies for the british pilot stabbed in HK. And what's going on with the Lamma Island ferry tragedy??? how about the HK Chinese died in the ferry tragedy in Thailand, did u ask the kingdom of Thailand for apology to the little crying city of HK???
If a big typhoon devastates hong kong one day
Are they also going to ask God to apologize ?
I have every sympathy for the tragedy, so many lives lost in such a short time. But I just wonder why so many here, purported readers of the SCMP, have found in every way to raise the Race card against HK, in particular against the local Chinese, over every issue possible. They seem have an agenda which has become quite obvious now. Furthermore, when I came across the local Filapino maids who gathered in the usual places on Sunday, I was perplexed to see that they were cheerful, happy, and nobody seemed worried about the develeopment in their own homeland, not evenly own domestic maid. Just wonder if anybody can explain this phenomenon to me.
my family also victim of this Yolanda and until now I never heard them. do you think we are not worried? we are but doesn't mean we need to stay in the corner and cry.. you maybe see us smiling, laughing but deep inside us we are bleeding.. like our slogan says TYPHOON KA LANG FILIPINO AKO which is the spirit is strong..
My helper is free to watch TV, but she seems to be uninterested in watching what is happening in her country. Perhaps such tragedy is so common in Philippine that it doesn't bother her. I feel her stoicism on the disaster that shocks me. Perhaps there are many things more destructive than the typhoons, things that send her out to work in a foreign country, leaving her family behind.
Easy to explain: most helpers left Sunday morning for their day off. The news of the devastation was only breaking then and most did not know. Many are happy as being outside is a great relief from their oppressive work conditions where the HK gov refuses to limit the hours that they work (a contravention of the UN Charter of human rights)...
Hong Kong and it's citizens should be EMBARRASSED beyond belief. 10,000 likely dead in the Philippines, and countries around the world lining up for relief efforts. Hong Kong meanwhile - one of the closest to the Philippines - says nothing and does nothing. No relief effort, nothing. Heck - even CANADA is helping. As a HK PR I am ashamed.
Even worse, some HK residents are still upset about that hostage situation over a year ago - why? A US-trained paramilitary force stormed the bus and one officer lost his life trying to save HK residents. And HK people demand an apology? for what? The HK government should apologize - for the scores of documented mistreated helpers (rape, violence, 'branding'), the lack of legal protection given to helpers, and for disallowing domestic helpers to ever apply for PR status.
The attitude of Hong Kong's citizens to the hostage situation was classless, arrogant and racist. But the reaction to this devastation in the Philippines is worse - it defies words - and cannot be defended.
The inexperienced and untrained police officers were trained by the United States? No wonder it did such a good job in teaching people what NOT to do in such a situation! Our SDU could have done a much better job, mind you they were trained by the SAS!
It is not just the lost of life that Hong Kong is demanding an apology. It is the way that the whole thing was handled, from the arrest of Mendoza's brother which was broadcast by their media and therefore seen by Mendoza, to the botched rescue attempt, to the people in charge of the rescue being away for supper, to the way that Aquino was grinning when he inspected the crime scene where so many people died and two people became permanently disabled, to Aquino protecting his cronies and not punished them as what the report from their own Justice Secretary recommend.
Maybe the Philippines should start helping herself by cancelling the order for the two warships from the United States, which will cost the country 400 Billion United States Dollars, and cancel the idea of buying 12 FA50 fighters from South Korea which will cost her another 400 Billion United States Dollars. That kind of money will go a long way in helping her people and in rebuilding the provinces destructed. I have not heard anything of the Philippines doing that yet. So does Aquino really cares?
Similarly, China should ditch its space programme, aircraft carrier orders, and expensive infrastructure projects and stop hosting expensive events like the Olympics and Shanghai Expo and instead spend the money on dealing with the grinding poverty of millions of its citizens and clean up its filthy air and water (rather than regularly relying on Western charities like Oxfam to do basic humanitarian work for it).
Lame comment.
This is a silly response. The commando operation did not go well, but it was a difficult situation and one officer lost his life trying to defend HK citizens. Get over it. Who should really apologize? Data gathered by the Mission for Migrant Workers, shows that 18 per cent of Filipinos in HK suffer physical abuse and 6 per cent sexual abuse (that is 12,000 a year). This was rated by the same agency as 5x the number of complaints per capita as the second "worst country". HK citizens should see this commando hearing as Legco's simple attempt to earn populist points because they can not discuss the key issues that HK citizens demand...
Please stop discussing the Manila bus massacre for the time being. Focus on those who desperately need assistance.
Nobody "needs" the Filipino migrant workers, HK should just ban them from working in the city for a year. The Filipino economy depends on overseas money sent back home. This should be an economic message. HKers need to stop employing these workers.
Look at the conditions of helpers in the Middle East please. Check on it before you talk of how bad Hong Kong is. Why do you think Hong Kong is so popular for them?
The HK reaction shows just how self centred its people are.
For once I agree with an out-and-out racist like you. Of course, I am ashamed of my fellow HKers' racism. Yes, I am donating to the Philippine Red Cross.
@ ivan.c.chung
Hmmmm.. let me see. Where should I give my donation.. to Pay for the bus victims or to help the typhoon victims?
Give to both ...
@ivan.c.chung: actually it is relevant. The death toll from the typhoon should remind everyone that the Philippines is a very poor country with a government that has limited capacity to protect its own citizens from acts of God or random acts of violence.

It is the height of arrogance and selfishness for HKers to demand an apology from the Philippines for failing to provide pampered HK tourists with protections that that the country cannot even provide for its own citizens.
So poor that it can afford to pay the United States 400 Billion for two frigates and negotiating the purchase of 12 FA50 fighters for another 400 Billion United States Dollars? Do you thinkn you can buy a house on the Peak if you are only earning HK$4000 per month?
400billion USd for 12 planes....interesting stats you keep spewing up. Shame you are completely ignorant of either the real deal or basic math.
400billion USD = 400,000,000,000
The actual FA50 deal is about 450million USD. I won't check the other amount, but presumably you are wrong again on that
Maybe Manilla wouldn't have to be wasting money on defence spending if certain countries weren't claiming islands thousands of miles from their coast (and relatively few miles from Philipino MAINLAND!)
I stand corrected in the figures, still this money could be better spent in helping their own people and in rebuilding. One can always put back non-urgent expenditure to a later date.
carmeledwin, u need to get your facts right. Its not 400bio USD, its 40 ! 400 bio usd is the gdp of philippines.
U sound like a politician
not sure that fact checking is really a priority for carmeledwin
@ivan.c.chung. No, it's not irrelevant. We are neighbors and an Asian community. You don't ask for your neighbour to give back the tools he borrowed from you, when his house is on fire.
Come on CY Leung, push harder, show the true colors of your divisive political agenda.
HK should at least extend the one month bus shooting negotiation deadline for this ...
why make deadline..just negotiate relentlessly
Irrelevant. The two are not connected in anyway.
Look forward to hearing about HK's humanitarian response
So, does HK still want compensation from the P'pines or will it show compassion and solidarity after such a devastating event?
This is two different issues.
Irrelevant. the two aren't connected in any way


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