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Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is the supreme leader of North Korea, the third and youngest son of Kim Jong-il (1941–2011) and the grandson of Kim Il-sung (1912–1994). Following his father's death in 2011, he was announced as the "Great Successor" by North Korean state television. He has held the titles of the First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea, the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, and also a presidium member of the Central Politburo of the Workers' Party of Korea.


Kim Jong-un's uncle 'executed for trying to control coal trade'

Jang's business ambitions played a big part in his downfall, says South's intelligence chief

PUBLISHED : Monday, 23 December, 2013, 9:30pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 24 December, 2013, 9:58am

The shock purge and execution of the North Korean leader's uncle stemmed from his attempts to take control of the country's lucrative coal export business, South Korea's spy chief told lawmakers yesterday.

Jang Song-thaek, the once-powerful uncle and political regent to young leader Kim Jong-un, was executed on December 12 on charges that included plotting a coup and corruption.

The execution, the biggest political upheaval since Kim took power two years ago, sparked speculation that Jang had lost out in a power struggle with hardline army generals.

But Nam Jae-joon, the head of South Korea's National Intelligence Service, said Jang's attempts to secure control of state-run natural resources businesses played a big part in his downfall.

Jang for years handled the country's mineral exports, which go mostly to China.

Nam, briefing members of parliament's intelligence committee on the situation in the North, also said the young ruler "appears to have no problem" in his grip on power, but may stage armed provocations against the South sometime between January and March to rally domestic unity.

"Jang intervened too much in lucrative state businesses ... related to coal, which drew mounting complaints from other [related] state bodies," lawmaker Jung Chung-rae said Nam told them at the closed hearing.

The impoverished but mineral-rich North has sought for years to bolster its crumbling economy by increasing exports of coal and other minerals, which account for the bulk of its exports to China.

But Jang and his associates angered other top party officials by rapidly expanding their control over the coveted mineral businesses, Nam said.

"Kim Jong-un was briefed about it ... and issued orders to correct the situation," Jung said.

But many officials loyal to Jang did not immediately accept his orders, which eventually led an angry Kim to launch a sweeping purge.

Nam said the regime was investigating officials in the administrative department once supervised by Jang as well as other state-run trading arms.

"The North is now trying to erase any traces of Jang ... partly by recalling many of his relatives and associates who lived overseas," Nam said.

Kim's powerful aunt, Kim Kyong-Hui, appeared to be shunning public appearances since the execution of her husband.

About 88 per cent of North Korea's trade last year involved China, according to figures from the South's Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency. Exports to China were worth US$2.4 billion last year.

Video: North Korean ministers denounce Kim Jong Un's uncle, Jang Song-thaek


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pubic hair kim's son fat boy kim, this is a joke of an excuse!!!
hard times !
just a power struggle within another communist regime only.The side which lost was once the No.2 powerful man in N.Korea,the uncle of Kim Jong-un who inherited his grandpa and pa to be the 3rd generation leader of that autocratic ruling regime of N.Korea.Now the executed Jong Song Thaek was said to commit very serious economic crimes,immoral acts (even had sex relationships with Fat Kim's present wife and former girl-friend),corrupted life plus anti-the Workers' Party and anti-revolution and planned to overthrow the Kim Dynasty by deliberately worsened the economy of N.Korea and colluding with the PRC in leasing lands to her and during the coal trade with the PRC.Once a powerful person is overthrown in a communist country,numerous accusations against him/her will arise.It is no news at all ! Just look at the PRC's Bo Xilai and Chou Yung-hung who have both been described as very corrupted after their fall !
Recently I viewed a documentary where a young N Korean man, who escaped to S Korea, told his story how he was born in a slave camp. At fourteen, he heard his mother and older brother discussing an escape and told on them. A few days later he was escorted to the courtyard to witness his mother's and brother's execution. This is N Korea today. On the other hand, the Chinese Communist Party has treated its people exactly like this since 1949 and is still doing so.
People living in the West have not been allowed to know the truth
concerning the brutal Chinese Communist Party. It is a blood-thirsty
cult that has murdered over fifty million of its own people since 1949
and if it was not for the strength of the American military, it would
have eliminated Western civilization years ago. But because of
insatiable human greed the true nature of this evil Party has never been
exposed to us in the West. Just keep shopping.
China's good friend - North Korea.
Typical North Korean style. Execution first, reasons/excuses later.


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