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Japan sends 4,000 cops in manhunt for escaped gang-rape suspect

Authorities also mobilise 850 cars, helicopters, sniffer dogs to chase after 20-year-old suspect who fled interrogation

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 08 January, 2014, 2:30pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 09 January, 2014, 4:52pm

A massive manhunt was underway in Japan on Wednesday against an escaped rape suspect, with 4,000 police officers, 850 vehicles, sniffer dogs, helicopters and boats scouring the port city near Tokyo, reports said.

The rare nationwide hunt was launched against Yuta Sugimoto, 20, was being questioned over claims he was part of a gang that raped and robbed a woman on the streets of Kawasaki, just south of Tokyo, on January 2.

He slipped away from his guard during a visit to prosecutors in an office building on Tuesday, a day after he and another man were arrested.

He apparently loosened his waist rope after requesting a toilet break, a Kanagawa prefectural police official said on condition of anonymity due to departmental rules. The suspect tore himself away from police officers and escaped.

The case itself was not intended to be made public public, but that changed when the suspect vanished, the police official said.

The rare escape of a suspect during interrogation caught a nationwide attention was not only an embarrassment for the authorities but raised safety concerns among local residents.

Police in the area mounted the massive operation when the alarm was raised, flooding the streets with thousands of officers and a huge amount of equipment, the Sankei Shimbun newspaper reported.

Local schools instructed students not to venture out alone, reports said.

Some parents accompanied their children to schools, while students went to school in groups.

“It is frightening that he is still on the run,” one mother of an elementary school child told Fuji TV.

Violent crime is rare in Japan and incidents of this kind receive heavy media coverage.


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4,000 Japanese police officers, 850 vehicles, sniffer dogs, helicopters and boats scouring the port city near Tokyo just to hunt the rape suspect Yuta Sugimoto seems an overkill. The rape victim must have been important for the Japanese to do that. Normally most rape victims are ignored considering Japan have an evil rape culture inherited from their evil war-criminals forefathers.
The Fukushima nuclear disaster covers an area of more than 100 square miles. The Japanese government is too busy provoking her neighbours than to clean up Fukushima which is actually an impossible job. Even in a thousand years, the silly Japanese won't be able to clean up the nuclear pollution. It's easier to provoke the neighbours to distract the unhappy Japanese population.
The Japanese police shouldn't have any problem looking for the rape suspect. If he' s a real rapist, the Japanese police will probably find him at the notorious Yasukuni War Shrine. That's the place where the Japanese goes to pray to the rapists, ****s and war-criminals and would be a perfect refuge for criminals, rapist, ****s.
The Japanese policemen can't even contain one single rape criminal.............how do we expect them to contain the radiation leak from few years ago...........they are a declining race that will eventually face extinction simply because of their own incompetence.
SCMP: the blatant racist hate occurring on your pages is worth a story, if you have the integrity for it.
What the hell is all this talk about race? When did the SCMP become a hot bed of racism?
As I wrote on another of your comments today, you disgust me.
China has the most police in the world. It is a police state, yet it cannot say it is a safe society.
China is not a declining race. It will rise as it increases its competence in police repression.


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