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Japan: China's sea claims have left international community jittery

New fishing curbs announced by Beijing 'rattle nerves' from Washington to Japan

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 12 January, 2014, 1:57pm
UPDATED : Monday, 13 January, 2014, 1:51pm

Japan yesterday joined the US in criticising China's new fishing restrictions in the South China Sea, saying the curbs, coupled with the launch last year of an air defence zone in the East China Sea, had left the international community jittery.

Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera made the comment after observing the Japanese Self-Defence Forces' elite airborne brigade conducting airdrop drills designed to hone their skills to defend and retake remote islands.

The fishing rules, approved by Hainan province, took effect on January 1 and require foreign fishing vessels to obtain approval to enter disputed waters in the South China Sea, which the local government said is under its jurisdiction.

We believe in free navigation, whether it’s in the air or on the sea

Washington called the fishing rules "provocative and potentially dangerous", prompting a rebuttal from China's Foreign Ministry on Friday.

Manila and Hanoi also condemned the rule yesterday.

The Philippine envoy in Beijing would meet her Chinese counterpart to "clarify" Beijing's latest move, deputy presidential spokeswoman Abigail Valte said over the weekend. Valte said Manila would give its official response after the clarification.

"Our ambassador in China will speak to her counterpart there to get the lowdown on what these supposedly old regulations are," she said yesterday.

A Philippine fishermen's organisation, Pamalakaya, wrote a "humble appeal" to Beijing through Ma Keqing , the outgoing ambassador in the Philippines, requesting China rescind its order concerning fishing vessels in the South China Sea.

"We, the leaders and representatives of … [Pamalakaya], a national federation of small fisherfolk in the Philippines, submit this humble appeal to the Chinese government to recall the new fishing rule …," vice-chairman Salvador France wrote.

Pamalakaya asked China to negotiate the conflict through bilateral and multilateral channels.

Beijing has not yet assigned a new ambassador to Manila since Ma's term ended in December.

US ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg has said the US would not take sides in the South China Sea dispute but "we believe in free navigation whether it's in the air or on sea ... that's where the United States stands, and we will continue to press those beliefs …".

Watch: What is the East China Sea dispute about?


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Japan must be taught a lesson not to steal China's territories. China has never recognized Japan's control over the islands and never will. Neither does China recognized the San Francisco Treaty (SFT) that Japan had brokered with USA. Clearly, the SFT had contravened WW2 treaties, which states that Japan must return all territories taken by violence or stolen from China to China, which Japan had failed to do so. Japan is also a liar, having lied to the world that there was never an agreement between the then leaders of China and Japan in 1970s to shelve the dispute over Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands. Japan is also a warmonger, that worships war, as otherwise how would she want to worship their dead, war criminals, year in and year out. Japan is indeed a deviant and abnormal nation.
I suspect that the Chinese misadventure will backfire on them at some point. They have Japan, Korea and most of the South Pacific **** off at them now.
The Japanese has been trying to push ASEAN that is rallying against China. But what is the reality on the ground?
ALL ASEAN country have over lapping claim in the South China Sea. The only ASEAN country that is totally anti-China is the Philippines and merely because Benigno Aquino was a corrupt president. Most ASEAN countries actually want to get the maximum economical advantage from China, that’s it. Nobody want to be pawn for any countries. Unlike what Japan now doing for the US. Japan really is no more than the foot solider of the US.
Japan slaughtered 120,000 Filipinos in the Slaughter of Manila which Filipinos are very grateful for. Philippines should have been destroyed by Japan in WWII.
If today Japan must be taught a lesson for its pass mistake and US too, maybe China should be more wise and think that if it continues in this path one day it will be the one who need to be taught a lesson for the mistake it made with her neighbors today no? If not its just a game of who's the most powerful here and now.
wait until **** rearmed themselves and you will see what they can do. China is making a lot of complaining when it comes to Japan but what they are doing to South China Sea are totally in grave violations of international law. I just wish China would pull the trigger to force Japan and the U.S and its allies in crushing this bully.
Nothing is more sweeter than to watch the unrepentant Japanese experiencing the same horrendous suffering that they had afflicted against the millions of Asians during WW2. The Chinese, Koreans, Russians and all in the South East Asia nations will not forgive nor forget the heinous crimes committed by the Japanese.
How about China, Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa and the rest of Africa, South America, the middle east, Eastern Europe, Germany, Central Asia, and of course North Korea is going to nuke Japan because the Japanese have such good luck with nukes.
looks more like watching a bird
Praying to the devil at the Yasukuni War Shrine will bless Japan with a few more Fukushimas.



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