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Anton Casey loses his job after Facebook 'poor people' comment

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 26 January, 2014, 5:35am
UPDATED : Sunday, 26 January, 2014, 5:35am

A British wealth adviser who set off a firestorm by publicly insulting Singaporeans who have to rely on public transport has "parted ways" with his former employer, the firm said yesterday.

Porsche-driving Anton Casey, 39, who is married to a former Singapore beauty queen, has left the city state for Australia but has not said what his future plans are following the controversy.

Casey, who holds permanent residency in Singapore, which he calls his adopted home, claims to have received death threats after he referred to public transport users as "poor people" in a social network post.

Casey's employer, Crossinvest Asia, said: "Those comments go against our core corporate and family values that are based on trust, mutual understanding and are respectful of diversity. Accordingly, Crossinvest Asia and Mr Casey have parted ways with immediate effect."

In a statement to the Straits Times newspaper on Friday, Casey said he had left for Australia "due to threats made towards my family", and asked for forgiveness.

The Briton and his family, now in Perth, faced stinging abuse from internet users after Facebook posts insulting commuters went viral.

One of the posts showed a picture of a boy, apparently his five-year-old son, sitting inside a metro train with a caption above the photo saying: "Daddy, where is your car & who are all these poor people?"

Many took to social media yesterday to welcome Casey's departure from the boutique wealth management firm.

Singapore - with a modern public transport system - is one of the world's wealthiest societies, with a per capita gross domestic product of S$65,048 (HK$395,000) in 2012.


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In his FB comments he denigrates people who ride the subway as "poor" and "having a stench" (which is not mentioned in the SCMP). Say the same thing in the US you'll get the same angry response so why is it any different in Asia or anywhere else. He's an arrogant pompous **** and deserves no sympathy from anybody but I guess there are some arrogant white guys out there who think this is funny or a joke. People who ride the subways in the US or Europe or anywhere may or may not be poor. Some very rich people also ride subways so this guy is really ignorant. Casey Anton's main problem is he looks down on the poor with disgust and he doesn't need any sympathy. he's probably born into a blue collar family and is ashamed of his own background
Well at least he must work quite hard at his job. He's 39 and looks not a day over 53.
haha --- how soon before divorce ???
On well, he had good times in Asia but will probably need to go back to UK and be riding the Tube.
i wonder why how is it these people, usually a white guy, has the guts to challenge a whole non-white country? is it bec they think that asians are reticent and passive, so we are weak and soft??
We all make disparaging remarks privately, in anger, on the natives when we live overseas, but would never have the guts to say it publicly and challenge a whole country.
i am amazed that these white guys still unaware that the world has changed! There is now a petition to have his PR status revoked, and the Law Minister has weighed in as well. I say to anton casey....good riddance to white trash!
So now he can miss Singapore with his Miss Singapore...
I hope he doesn't come to HK!
some of the comments call for "perspective"...that this is just a joke.....my question is why should we? If you wore a Man Utd jersey and walk into a Liverpool pub and shout, "Bob paisley is a ****!", you;ll probably be killed. and everyone in the UK will probably say u deserved it! so why do we asians need "perspective" and have a "sense of humor?" The brits kill people over a football game, and we have to have "perspective?"
The key question is "how do they even have the guts to be racist and bigoted" in asia? Maybe we need to lynch a few publicly ?
let this incident be a cautionary tale.....the world is v different now. those still pining for ole brittania do so at their own peril.
Wealth manager? With his wit and sense, would there be any one willing to let him manage the wealth?
Good.....serves you right.




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