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North Korea

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a country in East Asia, located in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering South Korea and China. Its capital, Pyongyang, is the country's largest city by both land area and population. It is a single-party state led by the Korean Workers' Party (KWP), and governed by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un since 2012. It has a population of 24,052,231 (UN-assisted DPRK census 2008) made up of Koreans and a smaller Chinese minority. Japan 'opened' Korea in 1876 and annexed it in 1910. The Republic of Korea (ROK) was founded with US support in the south in August 1948 and the Soviet-backed Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the north in September that year. 


Beijing will fight proposed UN court action over North Korean abuses

China says talks, not international court, the way to deal with crimes-against-humanity claims

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 February, 2014, 11:06pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 February, 2014, 1:28am

China said yesterday it would oppose any move at the United Nations to refer Pyongyang to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity.

The comment came just before a three-member UN panel recommended the referral of North Korea to the ICC in The Hague.

"I haven't seen the report, but our relevant position is clear-cut on this: issues concerning human rights should be solved through constructive dialogue on an equal footing," Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said. "To submit this report to the ICC will not help resolve the human rights situation in one country."

The panel's 372-page report is a wide-ranging indictment of North Korea for policies ranging from deliberate starvation and torture in political prison camps with 80,000 to 120,000 people, state-sponsored abductions, publicly motivated executions and lifelong indoctrination.

In a letter accompanying a the report, the panel's chairman, retired Australian judge Michael Kirby, directly warned North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that he may be held accountable for orchestrating widespread crimes.

"Even without being directly involved in crimes against humanity, a military commander may be held responsible for crimes against humanity committed by forces under the commander's effective command and control," he wrote.

Kirby also wrote to China's UN ambassador in Geneva saying there's evidence that Chinese officials have in some cases shared with North Korean officials "information about the contacts and conduct" of North Koreans subject to repatriation.

The ambassador, Wu Haitao, denied that repatriated citizens face torture in North Korea.

North Korea said it "categorically and totally rejects the report" and described the commission as "a marionette running here and there in order to represent the ill-minded purposes of the string-pullers, such as the United States, Japan and the member states of the EU".

Jared Genser, an international human rights lawyer and an expert on North Korean abuses, said: "It is exciting but also risky that the commission appears to have requested the Security Council refer the situation in [North Korea] to the International Criminal Court. There is no doubt that legally such a referral would be highly justified and appropriate. But it is also bound to infuriate China."

The commission interviewed more than 80 victims and other witnesses in Seoul, Tokyo, London and Washington. It was aided by about a dozen staff and researchers - a major personnel shift for the UN, which had previously a single appointed volunteer dedicated to North Korean human rights.

Additional reporting by Associated Press


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"survivors who saw babies drowned, had relatives killed before their eyes, and lived on vermin"
so nice to see Beijing standing up for these fine folks. just remember hong kong, this is your country's government.
China's best friend in the world - North Korea.
Says a lot about the Chinese Government
sudo rm -f cy
Someone should drag Beijing to the ICC, never mind Pyongyang.
UN is obsolete today. Paper tiger with no teeth and a couple goon nations in the security council that enable dictatorships. Just allows corrupt thugs to live it up in NYC for a few years and spend their country's coffers while normal citizens die/starve at home. Look at that Indian "diplomat" that had her slave shipped over with her...
I am really disappointed. This will be my main theme when I go to China this summer.
John Adams
I am 3/4 of the way through John Sweeney's book " North Korea Undercover "
A more sickening book I cannot imagine ....
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ICC must keep they mouth shut up because they aren't neutral party in cases like that. If they complain they should start 40 years ago and not waiting until now.
Along with Tibet.


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