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Malaysia Airlines flight 370

Police intervene as Chinese anger mounts over fate of MH370

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 22 March, 2014, 2:43pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 22 March, 2014, 2:51pm

Police were forced to intervene on Saturday as relatives of Chinese passengers aboard vanished Flight MH370 rushed towards Malaysian officials at a Beijing hotel, demanding answers over the fate of their loved ones.

The confrontation at the Lido Hotel came as the search for the missing jet entered its third week, with many clinging to the hope that family members might still be alive and alleging Malaysian involvement in a cover-up.

A total of 153 Chinese were on board the Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that disappeared from civilian radar screens on March 8, nearly an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur. The plane was carrying 239 passengers and crew.

“Government of Malaysia, tell us the truth! Give us back our loved ones!” shouted audience members at Saturday’s briefing at the hotel attended by government officials. The hotel has hosted daily briefings for relatives from representatives of the airline.

“The Malaysian government is deceiving us. They don’t dare to face us. The Malaysian government are the biggest murderers,” a relative in the audience shouted, even though there is no evidence to suggest a government conspiracy.

As anger in the hall mounted, some relatives rushed towards the Malaysian officials but police intervened and the officials left the room.

“We can’t bear it any longer,” one woman said. “They’re offering us compensation, but we’ve lost our entire families. This is China. They can’t just tell us to come or go as they please. We’re going to wait here. If they don’t come, we’re not leaving.”

Dozens of countries have been involved in the search for the missing plane but the lack of firm answers from airline officials has undermined the relatives’ confidence in the hunt for the jet.

On Friday, a first meeting was organised between the passengers’ families and Malaysian government officials. That meeting also resulted in heated exchanges, boos and eruptions of anger.

Six planes, including four Orion anti-submarine aircraft packed with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, joined the search for debris from the aircraft over a remote stretch of the Indian Ocean, 2,500 kilometres (1,500 miles) southwest of Perth on Saturday.

Chinese, British and Australian naval ships were all steaming to the same area where two floating objects - possibly plane wreckage - were picked out on grainy satellite pictures.


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I think for the family members, a physical presence of a Chinese "leader" to comfort them, one of the Big 7's, will really work wonder, much better than any kind of intervention by the police! Where are those leaders? I think someone's private jet needs to land back to Beijing, asap, like what his predecessor "Grandfather Wen" has done for the Sichuan quake victims' families.
reading some of the comments these prc han has made, it reminds me of the behavior of the government of their neighbor north korea!!!!
The malaysians did not behave this way, the australian did not behave this way, the indians did not behave this way, the americans did not behave this way and so on..... But look at how these prc han behaves? i wonder if their parents or confucius taught them!!!
The usual immature behaviour of these 'people'.
very sad, but the behaviour is disgusting.
Why do mainlanders resort to physical violence about everything? Granted this (MH370) is a tragedy but every other dispute imaginable immediately drops to physical abuse. Just look at the on-plane brawls over seats; trashing computer terminals at check-in counters when flights are delayed, etc. I think there is a very dangerous deficiency in civil education and behavior in the mainland as a result of the brutal neo-fascist police state that evolved after 1989. Now, I've only been living in China since 1983 so I may be wrong....
Agreed that most anyone who has been emotionally tormented by the prolonged worrying, wondering and dispair from this unprecedented situation would tend to react more emotionally than rationally. It's entirely human, and not a "mainland" thing.
Also share the keen hope of others that the fate of MH 370 will be known soon.
When you lose your beloved ones you lose all common sense and start doing the unthinkable. I would say this happens to the best of us and not only mainlanders. Of course one shouldn't resort to violence but when it hits so close to home there will be people who vent their frustration on others in an abnormal way.
There were non-Chinese passengers on board but their relatives are not behaving in this unreasonable way. Malaysia is the first to want to know what happened to the flight and I believe they are doing everything they can to find it. There are dozens of ships and planes combing the sea and more than 20 countries collaborating in the task. Despite understanding the shock suffered by relatives of the passengers I cannot avoid thinking that these Chinese relatives are being stupid.


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