Flight MH370

In full: Relatives' letter to China special envoy on the search for MH370

The full text of the letter from relatives of passengers onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 to China's special envoy in Malaysia is printed below

PUBLISHED : Friday, 28 March, 2014, 10:09am
UPDATED : Friday, 28 March, 2014, 10:55am

Dear Mr Special Envoy

We are family members of passengers on board the MH370 flight. We write this letter to you for the handling of the missing MH370 plane incident by the Malaysian government.

First, we sincerely thank you for the concerns and care of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia and Chinese representatives here. We are thankful to the people from our motherland for being together with us to face the countless difficult moments over the past days, and showing us understanding and support. We deeply feel that our motherland are connected with the families in hearts and spirits, and in blood.

But the handling of the missing plane incident by the Malaysia government has tortured us more, and we would like to tell you how we feel.

We feel suspicious about the motives of Malaysia for delaying, and missing the best rescue moment of MH370. We need to express condemnation for announcing to the world that the missing plane has ended in deep Southern Indian Ocean, merely based on data analysis. This is irresponsible.

Firstly, we have learned from our communication with Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysia government that the missing flight had been clearly spotted in Malaysia military radar. But no confirmation was made, and something that is highly suspicious of the plane was found by playing back the radar on the next day.

Secondly, the related parties were informed that the satellite of Inmarsat picked up signal of the aircraft, and therefore, people from Malaysia Airlines had attempted to communicate with the aircraft after 7am on March 8. The attempt failed, and the last signal was delayed for 29 minutes. The last signal from the plane was recorded at 8.11am.

The above two points are sufficient to prove that the Malaysian side is clearly aware that the plane route was diverted by human in the morning of March 8, and was turned to the Indian Ocean. However, the Malaysia side has not released the data on a timely manner, which lead to the rescue and search effort being put in a wrong location and delaying the rescue progress.

Similar delays of rescue information happened time after time during the rescue operations until the last suspected location of the aircraft was spotted by satellite image provided by Australia on March 21. And that was already 14 days from the plane being vanished, and we had already missed the best time to save the plane.

Third, Najib Razak announced to the world by merely basing on calculations of data that the missing plane has ended in the deep Southern Indian Ocean. We feel the way the Malaysian authorities handle the incident is inhumane and irresponsible, and show disrespect towards life. To the families, all passengers on board are all vivid lives. As families of the passengers, we have to express our anger and disappointment towards the handling of MH370 incident by the Malaysian government after going through the pain and torture for 18 days.

Fortunately, we are Chinese, and we deeply feel the solid support given to each family members by the Chinese government. Our nation has made every endeavour to search for the passengers, and its determination to find out the truth has become a booster for each family member. However, as ordinary citizens, we feel powerless in this international incident, and the path for seeking truth may be a very long and tough process. It involves various aspects such as criminal, diplomacy and accident investigation. These cannot be settled by us, who are just ordinary citizens, and therefore, we hope you and the nation can give us further support and assistance.

First, we urge the nation to set up an investigation office for MH370, and establish effective communication channels between the families and the government through telephone, wechat, weibo and emails. And to give long-term and effective support to the families in legal proceedings, accident investigation, determination of responsibility, and seeking compensation.

Second, continue the investigation of MH370 incident until the truth is revealed and protecting the rights of the citizens. The current search effort should not be scaled down until the black box, debris of the plane and bodies of the passengers are found, and the completion of DNA examination.

Fourth, press the Malaysian government to handle the MH370 incident with a responsible attitude, and to release related information in a truthful, accurate and timely manner. As it is confirmed that the plane route has been diverted by human attempt and the plane is vanished in Southern Indian Ocean, the suspicions towards the 226 passengers on board were ruled out. We hope the Malaysian government can make an apology to the families in a responsible manner, offer an explanation of the delays in rescue and bear related responsibilities.

Fifth, we hope professional aviation accident investigation expert of our nation can be fully involved in the accident investigation of MH370, and seek the help of professional rescue and accident investigation organisations. We hope the nation will handle the incident from the perspective of national security and national image, protecting the rights of the citizens and not giving up. This is a reflection of the status of a big nation.

Sixth, provide free legal assistance to the families to take related legal proceedings, gather evidence and coordination based on the consideration of protecting the legitimate interest of the citizens, and the specific conditions facing each family.

Seventh, coordinating with the Malaysian side, ensuring that the Malaysian side as promised will pay for the air fares, food and accommodation for trips going back and forth Malaysia until the whole incident has been handled. The number of trips is unlimited.

*The third request was omitted upon request by the families.