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Malaysia Airlines flight 370

Flight MH370: Who were the passengers aboard the lost aircraft?

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 April, 2014, 6:08pm
UPDATED : Friday, 25 April, 2014, 6:08pm

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 2014, headed for Beijing. It never arrived. All 227 passengers and 12 crew are presumed dead after radar data showed the Boeing 777's last recorded position over a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean.

Here, we list the passengers who were on board the flight.

An Wenlan, 63, Chinese

One of a group of 24 Chinese artists who had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend an art exhibition. Resident of Habahe county in Northern Xinjiang province.

Bao Yuanhua, 63, Chinese and Liu Rusheng, 76, Chinese

Both Bao and Liu had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend an art exhibition. Bao was director of Nanjing's Social and Technology Statistic Bureau.

Bai Xiaomo, 37, Canadian and Muktesh Mukherjee, 42, Canadian

Chinese-born Bai and her husband Muktesh Mukherjee had been returning from a holiday to Vietnam. The pair lived in Beijing with sons Mirav, 9, and Miles, 2.

Bian Maoqin, 67, Chinese

Originally from Tianjin, it was Bian’s very first time travelling overseas.

Bian Liangjing, 27, Chinese

A dentistry graduate from Shijiazhuang in Hebei, Bian Liangjing left his wife and infant daughter one year ago to work as a construction worker in Singapore. He was on a transfer flight to Beijing – his first flight back home.

Mohdhassim Bibynazli, 62, Malaysian

Known as Biby, the wife of former Celcom chief executive officer Datuk Mohamed Ramli Abbas, was travelling with her two daughters, Dina, 30 and Maria, 32 as well as her younger sister Noorida.

Nikolai Brodskii, 43, Russian

A resident of the Siberian city of Irkutsk, Brodskii was a scuba diving instructor who was returning to Russia from a diving holiday in Bali, Indonesia. He is a husband and father of sons aged 17 and 11.

Rodney Burrows, 59, and Mary Burrows, 54, Australian

Rodney and Mary Burrows were travelling with their friends Catherine and Robert Lawton. The Burrows, parents of two adult daughters and a son, had just moved house a fortnight before the flight.

Cao Rui, 32, Chinese

Huan Peen Chan, 46, Malaysian

Known as Jesse, he was an engineer at Malaysian company Freescale Semiconductor, one of 20 employees the company confirmed was on the flight. Lived in Kuala Lumpur with his wife Janet and their two children Xanthus and Lukas

Che Junzhang, 68, Chinese

Wife of Zhang Jinquan, Che was part of the group of Chinese artists who had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend the art exhibition

Chen Jian, 58, Chinese

Chen Changjun, 35, Chinese

Chen Wei, 43, and Tan Sioh Peng, 41, Malaysian

The couple were on holiday without their children aged 15 and 11. Son Eric Chen, 15, said his parents had skipped their routine of praying at a temple near their house in Klang before going on their trip.

Chen Yun, 57, Chinese

Retriee returning home from a trip in Nepal with friends, transiting through Malaysia.

Kar Mooi Chew, 31, Malaysian

Maybank employee travelling to Beijing for work. Her mother thought she had left on March 6th and had no idea she was on the flight.

Chuang Hsiu-ling, 45, Taiwanese

Travelling with her husband and elder son on a business trip to Beijing.

Chng Mei, 33, Malaysian

An engineer working for Eastman Chemical Co. in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, she was returning to the US via Beijing.

Oleg Chustrak, 45, Ukranian

Dai Shuling, 58, Chinese

Worked for a Chinese software company. Wife of Wang Rui and mother of Jiao Weiwei.

Anne Daisy, 56, Malaysian

Surti Dahlia, 50, Dutch

Described as an “independent” woman by her friends, Dahlia was born in Indonesia, lived in the Netherlands and had gone to Malaysia for vacation. Dahlia’s friends say that she had been looking forward to the holiday and the chance to meet a man that she had gotten to know over the internet.

Sergii Deineka, 45, Ukranian

Di Jiabin, 36, Chinese

Mohamedyu Dina, 30, Malaysian

Daughter of Datin Biby Nazli Mohd Hassim.

Ding Ying, 28, Chinese

Gradaute of Beijing Foreign Studies University's International Business School.

Ding Lijun, 43, Chinese

Returning to China for a family reunion for the first time after relocating to Singapore for work in the construction industry.

Ding Ying, 62, Chinese

Dong Guowei, 48, Chinese

A painter and art teacher in Nanjing. One of a group of 24 Chinese artists who had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend an art exhibition.

Dou Yunshan, 61, Chinese

Travelling with wife Zhang Yanhui. Formerly a senior official of Qinhuangdao's Administration of Work Safety in Hebei.

Du Wen. 50, Chinese

Dalian resident working for a shipping company.

Feng Dong, 21, Chinese

From Lianyungang in Jiangsu province, living at working in Singapore.

Feng Jixin, 70, Chinese

A painter from Anhui province, One of a group of 24 Chinese artists who had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend an art exhibition. Former deputy secretary of Liuan city-level propaganda department.

Fu Baofeng, 28, Chinese

One of a group of 24 Chinese artists who had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend an art exhibition.

Gan Tao, 44, Chinese

Gan Fuxiang, 49, Chinese

Gao Ge, 27, Chinese

Gu Naijun, 31, Australian

Born in Shanghai, studied in Sydney. Split her time between Australia and China.

Guan Huajin, 34, Malaysian

A Penang-born engineer who had been on her way to Beijing for a business trip. She was an employee of US technology company Freescale Semiconductor.

Guan Wenjie, 35, Chinese

Han Jing, 53, Chinese

Noorida Hashim, 57, Malaysian

Retired employee of Kuala Lumpur City Hall, travelling to Beijing on a holiday.

Hou Aiqin, 45, Chinese

Hou Bo, 35, Chinese

Marketing director of a ibicn.com, a B2B commerce website. One of a group of 24 Chinese artists who had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend an art exhibition.

Hu Siwan, 3, Chinese

Hu Xiaoning, 34, Chinese

Used to work for the Beijing air force.

Huang Yi, 30, Chinese

Huang Tianhui, 43, Chinese

Hue Puiheng, 43, Chinese

Jia Ping, 32, Chinese

Jiang Cuiyun, 62, Chinese

Jiang Xueren, 62, Chinese

Jiang Ying, 27, Chinese

Jiao Weiwei, Chinese, 32

Married to Wang Rui, also onboard. The mother of Wang Moheng, the flight's youngest passenger.

Jiao Wenxue, 58, Chinese

Father of fellow passenger Jiao Weiwei.

Jee Jing Hang, 41, Malaysian

Businessman, 40, on trip to Beijing.

Ju Kun, 32, Chinese

Martial artist travelling to Beijing on a business trip. Ju worked on 2013 film The Grandmaster as assistant to Yuen Woo-ping, the action choreographer.

Kang Xu, 34, Chinese

Tiongmeng Koh, 40, Malaysian

Chetana Kolekar, 55, Indian

Swandand Kolekar, 23, Indian

Vinod Kolekar, 59, Indian

Christian Kozel, 30, Austrian

Did not board the flight, his passport was used by an Iranian man. 

Catherine Lawton, 54 and Robert Lawton, 58, Australian

Married couple from Queensland who were travelling with their good friends the Burrowses (also on board) on a holiday.

Lee Kahkin, 32, Malaysian

Lee Sewchum, 55, Malaysian

Li Yanlin, 29, Chinese

Employee of Chinese telecommunications company ZTE travelling on a business trip.

Li Zhi, 41, Chinese

Li Guohui, 56, Chinese

Li Hongjing, 20, Chinese

Li Jie, 27, Chinese

Travelling with four colleagues on a business trip.

Li Mingzhong, 69, Chinese

A calligrapher. One of a group of 24 Chinese artists who had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend an art exhibition.

Li Wenbo, 29, Chinese

A graduate from the Communications University of China who was soon to be married.

Li Yan, 31, Chinese

From Henan province, returning form a holiday in Malaysia with her husband and four other friends, also on board.

Li Yuan, 33, Australian

Partner in a Beijing startup software firm, married to Gu Naijun, also on board.

Li Yuchen, 27, Chinese

Hubei native who held a doctoral degree from Cambridge. Working for a multinational corporation based in Beijing.

Li Zhijin, 30, Chinese

A painter. One of a group of 24 Chinese artists who had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend an art exhibition.

Li Zhixin, 35, Chinese

Li Le, 36, Chinese

Li was returning to his home in Chengde, Hebei province. Worked in real estate doing business in Malaysia and had a seven year old daighter.

Liang Luyang, 60, Chinese

Liang Xuyang, 30, Chinese

Engineer working for Huawei, originally from Dalian.

Lim Powchua, 43, Malaysian

Lin Annan, 27, Chinese

Lin Mingfeng, 34, Chinese

Liu Fengying, 65, Chinese

Liu Jinpeng, 33, Chinese

Liu Qiang, 40, Chinese

Construction worker from Shandong province who had worked in Singapore for over four years. He had decided to go travelling while on a two week break from work.

Liu Shunchao, 46, Chinese

Liu Zhongfu, 72, Chinese

A painter from Dalian, Liaoning province. One of a group of 24 Chinese artists who had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend an art exhibition.

Lou Baotang, 79, Chinese

A calligrapher. One of a group of 24 Chinese artists who had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend an art exhibition.

Lu Jianhua, 57, Chinese

An architect travelling on business.

Lu Xianchu, 33, Chinese

A graduate of Peking University.

Lui Ching, 45, Chinese

The only Hong Kong resident onboard.

Luo Wei, 29, Chinese

A professional driver from Zhengzhou, Henan province.

Ma Wenshi, 57, Chinese

Ma Jun, 33, Chinese

Memetjan Abula (Maimaitijiang Abula) , 35, Chinese

A painter and art teacher from Kashgar, Xinjiang province. One of a group of 24 Chinese artists who had travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend an art exhibition.Travelling abroad for the first time.

Mao Tugui, 72, Chinese

A painter and member of the Sichuan Artists Assosciation.

Luigi Maraldi, 37, Italian

Did not board the flight; his passport was used by an Iranian man.

Nor Fadzillah Mat Rahim, 39, Malaysian

Nicole Meng, 4, American

Meng Bing, 40, Chinese

Meng, Fanquan, 70, Chinese

Mohamed Yunus Ramli Maria, 52, Malaysian

Pouri Nour Mohammad, 18, Iranian and Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza, 29, Iranian

Both Mohammad and Mohammadreza used Iranian passports to fly from Doha to Kuala Lumpur before boarding the MH370 flight to Beijing using stolen documents. Media reports have indicated that both men were seeking a new life in Europe. Mohammad had been hoping to join his mother in Germany, and had planned to transit from Beijing to Amsterdam and finally Frankfurt.

Selamat Mohdkhairulamri, 29, Malaysian

An aviation engineer employed by a private jet charter company, travelling to Beijing for work. Father of a 15-month-old daughter.

Sofuan Ibrahim Mohamad, 33, Malaysian

Mohamad had received an international posting from Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry and was on his way to Beijing to report for work.

Razahan Zamani Muhammad, 24, Malaysian

Suhaili Mustafa, 31, Malaysian

Freescale employee, planning to stay in Beijing for one month.

Maylim Ng, 37, Malaysian

Norliakmar Hamid, 33m Malaysian

Travelling to Beijing on her honeymoon with Razahan Zamani Muhammad, also onboard

Ouyang Xin, 38, Chinese

Puspanathan Subramanian, 34, Malaysian

A marketing manager whose children cried when he left his house to go to the airport. According to Puspanathan's grandfather, both children "acted weirdly and did not want [their father] to leave the house". Puspanathan nearly cancelled his flight but still ended up leaving.

Safuan Ramlan, 32, Malaysian

Chandrika Sharma, 51, Indian

Director of the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF) in Chennai, en route to Mongolia for a conference.

Shi Xianwen, 26, Chinese

From Anyang, Henan procince, Returning home from a business trip in Australia.

Kranti Shirsath, 44, Indian

A chemistry lecturer on her way to North Korea to visit her husband who works there for the international nonprofit Concern Worldwide. The couple have two sons in primary school.

Sim Kengwei, 53, Malaysian

Firman Siregar, 25, Indonesian

Siregar had recently been employed by American-owned oil company Schlumberger.and was participating in an orientation in Malaysia. He graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Song Feifei, 32, Chinese

An employee with consultign firm TSDco.

Song Chunling, 60, Chinese

Song Kun, 25, Chinese

A construction worker in Singapore employed by a Chinese company that was based in Anhui province. Song had worked in Singapore since September 2013.

Su Qiangguo, 71, Chinese

Wife of Zhang Siming, also on board.

Ferry Indra Suadaya, 42, Indonesian

Herry Indra Suadaya, 35, Indonesian

Lo Sugianto, 47, Indonesian

Tan Teikhin, 32, Malaysian

Tan Ahmeng, 46, Malaysian

Tan had been travelling with his Taiwanese wife, Chuang Hsiu-ling, and son to Beijing for a vacation.

Tan Weichew, 19, Malaysian

The son of Tan Ahmeng and Chuang Hsiu-ling.

Tan Chongling, 48, Malaysian

Tang Xudong, 31, Chinese

Tang Xuezhu, 57, Chinese

Tanurisam Indrasuria, 57, Indonesian

Tee Linkeong, 50, Malaysian

Teoh Kimlun, 36, Malaysian

Tian Junwei, 29, Chinese

An engineer for Huawei who had been stationed in Malaysia since 2012, Tian was originally from Wendeng county, Shandong province.

Tian Qingjun, 51, Chinese

Tian and his wife Xie Liping worked in the finance industry and were returning home after accompanying their son to Melborne.

Tong Soonlee, 31, Malaysian

Worked with US technology firm Freescale Semiconductor.

Vinny Chynthyatio, 47, Malaysian

Wan Hockkhoon, 42, Malaysian

Wang Shouxian, 69, Chinese

Wang Shu, 61, Chinese

Wang Xianjun, 61, Chinese

Wang Chunhua, 34, Chinese

Wang Chunyong, 43, Chinese

A former teacher and lawyer of De Yi Jun Da law firm in Shandong province.

Wang Dan, 54, Chinese

Wang Haitao, 26, Chinese

Wang Houbin, 28, Chinese

The manager of an art website.

Wang Linshi, 59, Chinese

A member of the Jiangsu Artists Association. Husband of fellow passenger Xiong Deming.

Wang Willysurijanto, 53, Indonesian

Wang Yonggang, 27, Chinese

Wang worked in China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). He was a top student in his high school, received the highest score on the college entrance examination in Funing country and graduated from Peking University.

Wang Yonghui, 33, Chinese

Originally from Hebei, Wang had been working in Singapore.

Wang Yongqiang, 30, Chinese

A construction worker in Singapore who had been on his way home to Hebei province for a family reunion.

Wang Lijun, 49, Chinese

Wang Ximin, 50, New Zealander

Wang Rui, 35, Chinese

A board member for Boston Consulting Group.

Wang Moheng, 2, Chinese

The youngest passenger on flight MH370. The son of Wang Rui and Jiao Weiwei, Wang Moheng was only 23 months old at the time of the flight’s disappearance. According to friends, his parents had taken him on his first overseas trip to “escape the bad air” of Beijing.

Ambre Wattrelos, 14, French

Believed to be the sister of Hadrien Wattrelos and the daughter of Laurence Wattrelos.

Hadrien Wattrelos, 17, French and Zhao Yan, 18, French

Two high school sweethearts who attended Lycee Francais International de Pekin, also known as the French School of Beijing.

Laurence Wattrelos, 52, French

Believed to be the mother of Hadrien and Ambre. Listed as vice president of the parent-teacher association of the French School of Beijing.

Paul Weeks, 39, New Zealander

A mechanical engineer who had been on his way to a new job in Mongolia. He planned to return as often as possible to his home in Perth, Australia, where he left his wife and two young sons.

Wen Yongsheng, 34, Chinese

Wen Hao, 32, Chinese

Weng Mei, 39, Chinese

Originally from Henan, Weng was the owner of a cosmetics company.

Wong Saisang, 53, Malaysian

A senior marketing manager at Malaysia Land Properties. According to his wife, Wong had not been scheduled for MH370 but had taken the plane after missing an earlier flight.

Philip Wood, 51, American

An IBM executive who had worked in Bejing in the past two years. He was described by friends as an “adventurous” person who was on his last trip to China before taking up a position in Kuala Lumpur

Xie Liping, 51, Chinese

The wife of fellow passenger Tian Qingjun.

Xin Xixi, 32, Chinese

Xing Fengtao, 36, Chinese

Xing worked in the trade industry and travelled between Malaysia and Beijing on flight MH370 over a dozen of times a year. He was planning to marry his girlfriend this year.

Xing Qiao, 27, Chinese

An employee of Shell who graduated from Jilin Univeristy and completed graduate studies at the University of Southern California. Xing was a Harbin resident.

Xiong Deming, 63, Chinese

The wife of Wang Linshi. Described by her son as “sweet and thoughtful”.

Xu Chuane, 57, Chinese

Ya Na, 26, Chinese

Yan Ling, 29, Chinese

Yan Peng, 29, Chinese

The husband of fellow passenger Zhang Meng.

Yan Xiao, 27, Chinese

Yang Li, 35, Chinese

Yang Ailing, 60, Chinese

Yang Jiabao, 26, Chinese

Yang had been returning from a trip to Malaysia with her mother.

Yang Meihua, 65, Chinese

Yang Qingyuan, 57, Chinese

Yang Xiaoming, 59, Chinese

Yao Jianfeng, 70, Chinese

A painter from Xinjiang.

Yao Lifei, 31, Chinese

Yap Cheemeng, 39, Malaysian

An associate Dean at the National University of Singapore.

Yin Boyan, 33, Chinese

Yin Yuewang, 21, Chinese

Yuan Jin, 63, Chinese

Yue Guiju, 51, Chinese

Chairwoman of the investment committee of Delong Holdings, a steel manufacturing and trading group in Beijing.

Yue Wenchao, 26, Chinese

A business student from Inner Mongolia who had travelled to Malaysia to visit his girlfriend Jessie. Yue studied in the UK.

Yusop Muzi, 50, Malaysian

Zang Lingdi, 58, Chinese

Zhang Chi, 58, Chinese

Vice president of the China Welfare Charity. Had travelled to Malaysia to set up a meeting on the charity’s behalf.

Zhang Liqin, 43, Chinese

Zhang Qi, 31, Chinese

An investment company employee and assistant of fellow passenger Yue Guiju.

Zhang Yan, 45, Chinese

A resident of Huanren Manchu Autonomous County in eastern Liaoning province.

Zhang Hua, 43, Chinese

An employee of China-based consulting firm TSDco.

Zhang Lijuan, 61, Chinese

Zhang Na, 34, Chinese

Wife of fellow passenger Hu Xiaoning.

Zhang Siming, 71, Chinese

A painter from Hunan.

Zhang Xiaolei, 32, Chinese

A Haozhou native who had been living in Beijing.

Zhang Hualian, 42, Chinese

Medium-rank employee at China Telecom.

Zhang Jianwu, 31, Chinese

A government employee of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Zhang Jinquan, 72, Chinese

A calligrapher from Sichuan.

Zhang Meng, 29, Chinese

A participant in an international convention in Manila, on board MH370 for a transfer flight. Originally from Hanan province’s Zhengzhou, Zhang was the wife of fellow passenger Yan Peng. Both Zhang and her husband were on a tourist trip to Malaysia.

Zhang Xuewen, 61, Chinese

Zhang Yan, 36, Chinese

Zhang Yan, 2, USA

Zhang Yanhui, 44, Chinese

A Qinhuangdao resident.

Zhang Zhonghai, 43, Chinese

A calligrapher from Xingtai, Hebei province.

Zhang Shaohua, 32, Chinese

Zhao Gang, 46, Chinese

A Dalian resident.

Zhao Qiwei, 37, Chinese

A fake passport with Zhao’s name was used. Fujian police have said that the true holder of the passport currently lives in the province and has never travelled abroad.

Zhao Yinxin, 3, Chinese

Zhao Peng, 25, Chinese

A migrant worker who was taking a transfer flight from Singapore to return home to Hebei province’s Dingzhou after a year-long working contract. Zhao tried to have a video chat with his wife at the airport but she declined, saying it would wake up their one-year old child.

Zhao Yan, 18, French

Zhao Zhaofeng, 73, Chinese, Painter

A painter from Nanjing.

Zheng Ruixian, 42, Chinese

The day flight MH370 went missing was her birthday.

Zhou Feng, 56, Chinese

Wife of fellow passenger Zhou Jinling.

Zhou Jinling, 61, Chinese

Calligrapher and senior adviser of the Shenzhen-based Sunshine Insurance Group.'

Zhou Shijie, 64, Chinese

A painter from Changsha.

Zhu Junyan, 41, Chinese

A female Buddhist painter from Xinjiang.


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