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Japan issues warning to Obama over 'comfort women' debate

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 26 April, 2014, 12:57pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 27 April, 2014, 8:57am

Japan warned the issue of its wartime system of sex slavery was not a "diplomatic" subject, after US President Barack Obama on Friday called it a "terrible" violation of human rights.

Katsunobu Kato, deputy chief cabinet secretary, said Japan was aware of the suffering of the victims and was trying to avoid politicising the emotional issue.

"Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said he is deeply pained to think of the people who experienced immeasurable pain and suffering," Kato said in a television programme late on Friday.

"This issue should not be made into a political or diplomatic subject."

In South Korea on Friday, Obama called for an accounting of the wrongs perpetrated by Japanese troops before and during the second world war when thousands of women were forced into prostitution, many from the Korean peninsula.

"This was a terrible, egregious violation of human rights. Those women were violated in ways that, even in the midst of war, were shocking," he said.

But the US president also pressed Tokyo and Seoul to look to the future. Japanese media said Obama was trying to urge both Tokyo and Seoul to stabilise their working relationship.

Obama was calling on Japan to take a proactive stance on the comfort women issue, while also pressing Seoul to overcome emotional reaction, the liberal Tokyo Shimbun said in an analysis.

The influential Asahi Shimbun said South Korea might heighten pressure on Tokyo to address the comfort women issue after the Obama remark.

But the daily said a piece of American advice was also directed at South Korea.

"Obama is seen calling on South Korea to become more flexible because … co-operation between Japan and South Korea has not been able to move forward as South Korea strongly remains hung up on past history," the Asahi said.


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P Blair
Japanese government officials are as belligerent as ever now even threatening their masters over the horrible sex-slaves issue. Have they no shame? Japanese have no remorse over the sex-slaves issue and only goes to show that Japan is a uncivilised horrible country.
Obama has no idea of the pain and suffering that the "comfort women" had to endure during WWII.........maybe if some of his family members were put into the same situation, then he will do something about it.
Japan knows that rape is wrong but they racistly reserve outrage for their own ethnic Japanese victims:
How can they be trusted if they refuse to be fair to other races? They certainly did not send 4000 police to capture Lindsay Hawker's rapist ****.
Can the SCMP make an editorial decision not to refer to 'comfort women' as they were sex slaves?This euphemism helps the Japanese Government continue with its campaign that the enslavement of women was something which happened a long time ago and these women were simply casualties of war time and that they shouldn't continue to be singled out this matter. The Abe government's mendacity is sickening.
Japan issues warning to Obama over 'comfort women' debate! Actually over sex slaves that were raped and murdered by the barbaric Japanese. Since when does a dog bite it's master's hand? This rabid dog should be put down!
kidnapped raped murder victims is more accurate - sex slaves may get camouflaged by **** culture
POTUS has already come out on the side of the Armenians who suffered genocide attempt by the Turks. This is huge. There's no benefit from the American leader to do so EXCEPT as an act of kindness and in defense of the victims.
It was totally altruistic. But I don't understand why Japan would "warn" America about speaking up about this. That's kind of gangsterish of Japan, no?
Third parties aren't allowed to condemn rape and are warned by the descendants of the rapists to be silent?
How often does that happen in life and is socially acceptable?
I thought Japan was intent on pretending to be harmless and normal. Warning the American President is not the way to go about succeeding at the masquerade of benignness.
The Japanese are just as belligerent today as they were when they tried to take over South East Asia. They remain unrepentant for their wartime atrocities and behave like George W. Bush/ **** Chaney when the world decries their onslaught to make forth the extinction of all whales and dolphins.
How About
Was the POTUS's 2014 Foreign Correspondence Dinner script leaked a month ahead of schedule?
Perhaps Abe and Obama thought they can outcomedy Abbot and Costello's best sketch, fyi those of you who are too young to watch it earlier, it's here www.youtube.com/watch?v=airT-m9LcoY. The gist is - just swap the names of First Second and Third Bases with TPP, Diaoyu Islands and Japanese War Atrocities [or comfort women], and you basically get the rough Abe-Hussein-O version.
Point to consider: Obama and Abe are doing this for theatre or for real? Shall we wait Obama have his fill of curry or Aquino's Balut before we declare?
Warning ! ! ! It sounds like a gag order from Japan to America. A lackey warning his master.


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