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Vietnam prime minister issues plea for calm with further anti-Chinese protests expected in Ho Chi Minh City

Prime minister issues plea for calm and Beijing security chief calls for tough action with further demonstrations expected in Ho Chi Minh City

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 18 May, 2014, 6:03am
UPDATED : Sunday, 18 May, 2014, 10:30am

Vietnam's prime minister appealed for calm last night ahead of expected anti-China demonstrations in Ho Chi Minh City today.

A text message from Nguyen Tan Dung was sent to every cellphone in the country urging citizens not to "commit violations of the law" in defence of the "sovereignty of the sacred fatherland".

His office also ordered the police and local leaders to halt further illegal demonstrations. His plea came after China's deployment of an oil rig in the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea unleashed a wave of deadly protests.

Lieutenant general Hoang Kong Tu, chief of the investigative police under the Public Security Ministry, confirmed that two ethnic Chinese were killed and 140 injured in riots across 22 of the country's 63 provinces on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Watch: Protesters torch Chinese factories in Vietnam after South China Sea dispute escalated

About 200 business premises were damaged. The figures were similar to those released by Beijing on Thursday.

The prospect of further protests today prompted Beijing's security chief to urge Vietnam to take tough measures to stem any violence. "The Vietnamese government should be accountable for the violent attacks on Chinese companies and staff," Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun was quoted as saying in a phone conversation with Vietnam's minister of public security, Tran Dai Quang.

Reports of protest preparations in Ho Chi Minh City circulated widely on Vietnamese social media yesterday. They included planned march routes in the south of the city.

The marches are expected to start at about 9am and will head towards the Chinese consulate.

One of the most persistent rumours is that demonstrators in rural areas were offered money to join protests on Wednesday and again today.

But a local journalist said yesterday it was unclear whether further protests would take place given the warning by Vietnam's authoritarian government.

The Chinese government and ethnic Chinese in Vietnam criticised the absence of police during violence on Tuesday and Wednesday.

But the police said on Thursday they had detained 1,400 demonstrators in southern and central regions of the country.

And security has also been stepped up at rumoured gathering places for today's protests in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Hong Kong government has issued warnings to travellers about further protests today.

Hong Kong immigration officials said they had received eight requests for assistance by last night.

Additional reporting by Reuters


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A Kuro
The US killed 3 million Vietnamese in the Vietnam war and couldn't pacify them. However the US also sprayed the Vietnamese with Agent Orange certainly causing the Vietnamese to have delusions.
A Kuro
The US should stop buying from China. Americans should live in the stone age!
Yeah, let's start with you.
dont have to plea.. just shoot somebody!!!
unfortunately that's only way to go in an uncivilized country of yours!!!
It is unfortunate for ethnic Chinese people, especially those who are not PRC citizens, have to suffer the blowback of the aggressive actions of the Communist Government. The Masters in Beijing take belligerent positions for their own political gain and the normal people suffer the wrath of others who disagree with the Masters. And then they have the cajones to suggest that it is someone else's fault that they stirred the pot too much.

It's not as if the Chinese and the Vietnamese are wiping each other out. They are close relatives anyway and have not choice but to get along...they had a divorce but never agreed the divorce terms...
After years invested in China now USA realized we have indirectly fed the Red Commies China to be our new leader.
Watch out new Red Commie will rule the world as China ignored the international Rules
USA warned China
Vietnam/China: Chinese Oil Rig Operations Near the Paracel Islands
USA may have to use the economy card to punish China by limiting or stop investment in manufacturing in China and bring jobs home. Let face it, most of products from
Walmart, Caterpillar, Nike, Apple, Gap, Startbuck, Heinz, Coca Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Molson Coors Brewing, Ford, and others are made in China just names few
...while we have millions of American receiving unemployment benefits???...while we have soldiers comes home from the Iraq, Afghanistan look for jobs???
Are we pay (invest) to red commies China so that we would lost our manufacturing jobs and indirectly promoting the red commies Chinese to be our new world leader?
Not so sure that the most advanced nation will end up in the stone age because someone else will make their christmas lights and dog food bowls. My guess is that if we could train the Mainland Chinese to make an Ipod we can train anyone to make an Ipod.
Paweł Honisch


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