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Firm grip kept on anti-China protests in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Fresh protests held in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi as Beijing urges cancellation of trips to Vietnam and suspends bilateral exchanges

PUBLISHED : Monday, 19 May, 2014, 2:55am
UPDATED : Monday, 19 May, 2014, 6:10pm

Mainlanders were urged yesterday to put on hold plans to visit Vietnam as Hanoi clamped down on anti-China protests.

The foreign ministry in Beijing also announced it would suspend some bilateral exchanges after violence last week that left at least two Chinese dead and more than 100 injured.

"China will consider taking further measures according to how the situation develops," foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.

Watch: Over a hundred join anti-China protest in Ho Chi Minh City

In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, large numbers of police with batons cordoned off demonstrators angered by China's establishment of an oil rig in disputed waters near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

In Hanoi, authorities closed off streets and a park close to the Chinese embassy. Police were posted outside dissidents' houses, preventing them from leaving, said activists.

"I want to send a message that if we don't stop China today, tomorrow it will be too late," said demonstrator Dao Minh Chu.

He was forced away from the park where last week about 500 people gathered without any interference from the authorities.

Those protests were covered enthusiastically by state media - a sign that they had been tacitly approved by the government.

But yesterday, the authorities maintained a tight grip.

In Ho Chi Minh City, a group of mostly middle-aged men clapped and shouted "Vietnam" as they attempted to march to the fortified Chinese consulate.

Police stopped them after minor clashes broke out. One witness said some protesters had tried to display banners critical of the Vietnamese government and were detained.

Police and plainclothes officers prevented reporters from talking to protesters. Even after the initial demonstration had been dispersed, a police presence was maintained throughout Ho Chi Minh City and vans with loudspeakers called for calm.

A political columnist in Ho Chi Minh City said the demonstrators had miscalculated the government's reaction.

"They could not demonstrate as they had planned," he said.

Protests on Tuesday were followed by days of violence across 22 of Vietnam's 63 provinces, with Chinese factories and nationals targeted. Factories owned by other foreign companies were also attacked.

But the authorities seemed eager to prevent a repeat of the riots yesterday, amid rumours of protests on social media.

Police units were deployed at the gates of industrial parks around Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday night, said a Taiwanese businessman who had been coordinating security efforts with other managers. "The situation is very quiet now," he added.

But despite the heightened security, Beijing started mass evacuations on Saturday and these continued yesterday.

Several Chinese airlines and travel agencies announced late on Saturday that charter flights and tours to Vietnam would be suspended and refunds paid.


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Behind these protests, which are not so much against the Chinese Government but rather to test the strength and resolve of their own Vietnamese regime, will be the dark hand of America's CIA. Just look at that photograph of the men labelled as protestors. They might as well be openly displaying U.S. "rent a mob" badges. The U.S. military would still rather fancy getting back their Cam Ranh Bay naval and air base.
The rioting, arsons, killings is not only due to the anti-Chinese sentiments in Vietnam but is also a struggle between the South and North. The South Vietnamese have been acting as pawns of the US in order to overthrow the Hanoi regime. That have been going on since the defeat of South Vietnam in 1975. Another reason is the Vietnamese character. Culturally Vietnamese are bullies and criminals. After their failed invasion of Cambodia as part of the get rich quick strategy to control and loot Cambodia, the Vietnamese have fell back into blackmailing the other countries including China for financial aid. All the ambassadors and investors in Vietnam faces this problem daily in their dealing with the Vietnamese officials. This is commonly known problem with Vietnam. So the investors from China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and others knew very well what they are getting into. A little spark and the Vietnamese especially the jobless or lowly paid young men will go on a looting arson killing spree. So who's fault is that? Obviously the investors for failing to consider the security situation in Vietnam and the very well known Vietnamese character to bully, rob, loot and blackmail. The investors are really stupid for taking such risks.
Chinese foreign minister, Mr. Yi, claimed that “drilling project is nothing new and it has been more than ten years.” Why Vietnamese government is now so forcibly and violently reacting against Chinese ships. Is President Obama or any country to encourages Vietnam and Philippine to start confrontation with China for the purpose of containment against China. it seems to me both Vietnam and Philippines using U.S. paranoia about China With China becoming a developed country for its territorial aggression. Well, if Vietnamese rioters rampaged in industrial zones as pretext for purpose to rob the factories and get free merchandises, then set foreign factories on fire. If the Vietnamese government behind the mob 'violence due to the Vietnamese police just stood there and watched the mob smashed the gates and set fire to industrial zones in Vietnam.
The criteria of modern international maritime law. Claimant's occupants must be continued and has not been challenged by other countries. It does not matter if the islands in the sea is able to independently maintain human life or not.
Again, historically, China has sufficient evidences to underpin its claims of sovereignty of the South China Sea. Chinese still prevail over other nations Under Modern International Laws as Chinese Kuomintang was first government to establish a physical presence on of the Spratlys following Japanese departure after WWII.
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Jennie PC Chiang/江佩珍 05/19/14 美國
Cultural differences are real. "Progress" cannot be pushed, but, needs to be generated within in accordance with its own culture. Japan became second to the US after the War with some aids from US. China is second to the US with no aids from US. Meantime, US has poured plenty aids to many countries around the world and yet they still remain poor. These are hard historical facts, not fantasies. Vietnam just told us that it wants to develop at its own pace. The dispute with China at sea is just a "litmus". Remember that it has fought a war with China when there were no oil nor sea issues ! This is true with many countries including some Southeast Asian countries. China must tread carefully and pay more attention to local cultural values. In fact, China itself is a multicultural society, and China should be the first to appreciate the subtleties of these cultural values and their differences. China should pay more attention to local cultural and core values !
How About
Touche! The incident(s) in the past week in brief:
1) Vietnamese very responsive to texting and SMS, will do anything sanctioned by the PM's office.
2) They cannot differentiate nationalities.
3) Have a penchant for products made by foreign owned factories and or looting.
In short there are plenty of possibilities...
Tim Zone
Vietnamese have been taught lessons by Chinese forces past thousand years and they are desired another one shortly.
That's funny because China hasn't learned any lessons from its own history yet, not sure how they are going to "teach" anyone else.
Or you want to see a repeat of '79? Yeah, go on. 30,000 young Chinese (18-25 year olds) killed in 3 weeks because they wanted to teach Vietnam a "lesson". Another 30,000 seriously wounded and probably rotting in sh!tty substandard housing, begging on the streets, or being forcibly relocated. Good job... *slow clap*.
Like americans?
Just another American backed "colour revolution" riding on the back of popular unrest (like the basis for other overthrows aka Ukraine, Libya, Syria etc etc). Communist Vietnam is a no-no buddy for Uncle Sam as it goes against all concept of American hegemonic democracy.
@koolsep1: Chinese support Khmer Rouge in 1977, 78. And they make died fields in Cambodia. If Vietnamese army don't come, are there any Khmer living now?



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