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Thailand's coup leaders will receive monarchy's blessing

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 25 May, 2014, 2:45pm
UPDATED : Monday, 26 May, 2014, 12:35pm

Thailand’s coup leader will receive royal appointment today as head of the military junta that overthrew the civilian government, the army said.

Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who seized power four days earlier and has assumed extensive powers over the Southeast Asian nation of 67 million, will formally be appointed in a ceremony in Bangkok.

The monarchy headed by the revered but ailing king, 86-year-old Bhumibol Adulyadej, commands great respect among many Thais.

His blessing has traditionally been a key step in legitimising the recurring military takeovers that have taken place in Thailand, which has now seen 19 actual or attempted coups since 1932.

“The ceremony to receive the royal command appointing General Prayuth as leader of the National Council of Peace and Order will begin at around 10am [local time] inside the army headquarters,” said army spokeswoman Sirichan Ngathong.

She indicated the king, who is yet to make a public statement on the coup, would not be present for the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Thailand's ruling junta warned protesters it would not tolerate any further rallies against its coup after tense stand-offs yesterday between soldiers and angry crowds in Bangkok.

Dozens of demonstrators faced off against lines of armed soldiers before and after more than 1,000 protesters marched through the city, the largest show of dissent since the army seized power on Thursday.

Watch: Angry Thai anti-coup protests despite junta warnings

The military has detained former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra along with scores of ousted government leaders, political figures, critics and academics in a sweeping round-up since the coup, which has drawn sharp international criticism.

The army said demonstrators would be held for one or two days, but they could be jailed for up to two years if they kept taking to the streets.

"We will give them a last chance today, but if they continue to rally we will use measures to deal with them," Lieutenant General Apirat Kongsompong said.

Protests began outside a Bangkok shopping mall in the Chit Lom area. Minor scuffles broke out and at least two protesters were taken away by the troops.

Demonstrators then made their way across the city to the Victory Monument cheered by onlookers.

"I am not afraid of them because the more we are afraid of them, the more they will stamp on us," protester Kongjit Paennoy, 50, said. "We want an election – to choose our own boss."

Video: Thai military seizes power, leaving uncertain road ahead

The junta announced on Saturday that it had disbanded the Senate and placed all law-making authority in the hands of the army chief, General Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Witnesses also reported demonstrations overnight in parts of the Shinawatra family's northern power base.

The coup followed seven months of anti-government protests that sought to eradicate the influence of Yingluck's divisive brother Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted from power by royalist generals in 2006.

The tycoon-turned-politician yesterday posted his first public messages on Twitter since the military takeover, saying he was "saddened" by the coup and urging the military rulers to "abide by international law and respect human rights".


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I know one anti-democracy tool is reading and commenting. The farce, Beijing sycophant, is in keeping the people from making their own decisions and instead bestowing absolute power on the sons of Mao and those who did Mao's bidding. Your comments on the US clearly show how badly the CCP propaganda has rotted your tiny bit of grey matter. The decisions are made that are acceptable to all, not just all that are within the glorious Communist Party. The farce is you and your masters in the north thinking that they are the only source of logic and they must control the foolish masses.
Long live Kong Bhumibol Adulyadej.
The Great Satan the USA. Let the believers especially the Muslims destroy this abomination of earth!
Are any of you "pro-democracy" advocates in Hong Kong reading and THINKING about what is going on in Thailand............ and Syria, Egypt, much of Africa and not so long ago Libya & Tunisia etc etc.
The only political stable nations in the world all have authoritarian regimes. Even "good" old USA is a disguised authoritarian regime controlled by the various security establishments, the weapons industry and other big business. The US President is virtually powerless except deciding which nation next to go and bomb or kill their leaders because they must be "terrorists" if they don't agree with USA policy. They pretend to hold "elections" but the reality is that the power manipulators ensure, for presentation purposes, only a few members of the ruling establishment get rotated but Congress as a whole remains strangled....... and life ( and the killing) goes on and on ! Democracy is a farce.
The US is a terrorist state!
This is mere personal attack. If you are truly intelligent, attack the points captam raised.
The best way to stop children fighting, which already hurting themselves and ruining the house, is someone with a rod steps in.
If the civilian governments cannot cope adequately with the political situations in Thailand and else, why shouldn't the military move in and take control and put an end to all this "democratic" farce? I like Morsi of Egypt, but too bad he does not have the backing of the military. I hope the same thing does not happen to China.
Paweł Honisch
Friday, July 8th, 2011
"The New One World Currency, which will be presented to an incredulous community, is designed to control you. Then once that happens they will try to deprive you of food. Unless My children accept this reality now they will be defenceless when they are under the control of a New World Order, led by masonic forces. Prepare now, My children, because although The Warning will convert millions, including those loyal to the One World Order, it will not be enough to stop these evil slaves of Satan and the antichrist. Without control of your money, you will find it hard to defend your right to property, food and health, the three things which they will be in charge of, if you do not start shouting your opposition now. Stop your leaders in their tracks. Don’t let them bully you. If enough of you are alert to this evil, monstrous plan, then you can warn others."
ejm, a succinct way for such attack is 50 cents, a sword (known as 50-cents sword) used to attack people with opposite view. Save you a lot of trouble in typing and save me a lot of troube in going through rubbish like “your master in Beiling, etc.”.


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